Salman Khan’s most memorable dialogues

Salman Khan has delivered many memorable dialogues but five of them stand out in our opinion. Here are the five dialogues, do you have any more to add?

Swagat nahi karoge aap hamara? This dialogue is from his evergreen hit Dabangg, which is regarded as a cult classic in Bollywood commercial cinema.

Mere bare mein itna mat sochna … dil mein aata hoon … samajh mein nahi: This was the dialogue he famously delivered in the film Kick.

Ek bar joh maine commitment kar di … uske baad toh main khud ki bhi nahi sunta: Remember this? This was from the film Wanted.

Main request nahi karta … ek hi baar bolta hoon … aur full and final ho jaata hai: Salman delivered this in the movie Tere Naam.

Aam aadmi sota hua sher hai … ungli mat kar … jaag gaya toh cheer phaad dega: This dialogue was famously delivered in the film Jai Ho.

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