Five talented heroes who are not awarded regularly

They say that talent always finds a way but our Bollywood is a different universe altogether. Here talent doesn’t always find a way to the award functions. There are so many talented Bollywood actors who have never been awarded properly. By this we mean the private award functions and not the National Awards.We pick up five from the list.

Ajay Devgn : Nobody doubts his immense talent. His acting skills have only improved by the day. He is not only an action hero that he used to be when he made his debut. But sadly, Bollywood award functions haven’t given him enough awards.

Akshay Kumar : There was a time when Akshay Kumar’s movies were solely based on action. But today he has metamorphosed into an actor par excellence.  But sadly this talent has largely gone unrecognized when it comes to award functions.

Aamir Khan : People say that Aamir Khan doesn’t receive enough awards because he doesn’t like to attend them.

Sunny Deol : This is a tragedy. We have done a great disservice to him by not awarding him for some his stellar roles.

Abhishek Bachchan : Nobody doubts about the immense talent that Bachchan junior has. But sadly when it comes to the judges of the award functions, he is given a miss even though he deserves a lot of them. 

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