Top five cliches used by Bollywood stars

Bollywood is a place of contradictions. Here the actors mean something but they say something else. In Bollywood, just like the way they portray on the screen, the actors and the stars create a web of a make believe world that actually doesn’t exist. Here, check out the top five cliches that Bollywood actors use when they are faced with the truth.

“We are just good friends” : This is just a cliche that nobody refuses to let go. Whenever, there’s a rumor about a relationship going around, you can expect this dialogue to come around.

“I don’t diet, I am naturally thin” : Really? Is there any actor in this world who doesn’t diet, specially in Bollywood? Trust us, everybody is into a rigorous routine of exercises and diet. That’s good we say. Only the part of denying it, saying that you are naturally healthy, is not healthy at all.

“I did this because the role demanded it” : In Bollywood, most lead actors frequently put forward conditions before shooting. In fact, the stuff that a script usually demands, like kissing, sex scenes etc are heavily scrutinized by most actors. A lot of actors have placed a hell lot of handicaps on filmmakers about what they would do on screen and what they wouldn’t. 

“I don’t care about awards” : Barring a handful of them, most actors actually run after awards. They employ their staff to rigorously follow up and negotiate for awards and recognition. This is also one of the cliches floating around in Bollywood.

“I don’t like to stay in news” : If you don’t stay in news then you are out of circulation. Every actor tries to be in constant news. Most of them employ expensive public relations companies to stay in the news. Clearly this dialogue is a cliche which is not true. 

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