Bollywood’s favourite holiday destinations

You will see that Bollywood actors dart abroad whenever they find a chance to holiday. But do you know about the destinations that they frequent the most? No, it’s not the usual ones, here are the top five holiday destinations of Bollywood stars. If you are booking a holiday in the upcoming Diwali, then here are a few options for you. Who knows? You might find a Bollywood star holidaying with you too?


Thailand : You saw the latest film Bar Bar Dekhi being shot there. A lot of Bollywood actors make a quick getaway to Bangkok and Phuket. However, this is not a destination for the top Bollywood stars. You will mostly find the TV actors of India there who love it for the wide range of clothes available there. 

Dubai : This is a country where Bollywood actors feel like home. Dubai is like second home for most Bollywood actors and some of them have even got a house there. Say Dubai and most Bollywood actors will say, ‘yes’! 

Italy : This is a favourite holiday destination for top Bollywood actors. There is hardly anybody in Bollywood who have not taken a holiday in Rome or Venice. If you have not visited those countries, it is time. 

Maldives : Bollywood stars who love beaches are frequently seen there. They love the serenity and natural bounty that Maldives offers.

London : This city features on the top of every Bollywood actors list. It is because London offers everything that they want – a top class city where they can be themselves. London is undoubtedly the most favorite destination of Bollywood.

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