More reasons why we want Ran-Kat together

There has been a buzz that the two former lovers are back on talking terms again. But we won’t be happy with that. We want both of them to come back together again and here are the reasons….

Ranbir is pining for Katrina : In a recent interview, Ranbir Kapoor said that Katrina Kaif is the most important person in his life after his parents. Obviously, he is very unhappy without her.

It was a misunderstanding : Both Ranbir and Katrina indicated that it was a misunderstanding that ended the relationship. If it’s a misunderstanding then it should be resolved.

They have a movie coming up : Though this is not the greatest of reasons but an entire project that involved the hard work of a lot of people are dependent on them. If they come back together the biggest beneficiary will be the film.

They are a Bollywood power couple : When two very successful people come together. It creates a great effect. Ranbir Katrina should think about the money they can make together.

Ranbir and Katrina may do more movies together : There cannot be a bigger news than both of them making a film again. Because the biggest thing that we love about them is the chemistry.

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