One-on-one with Sonakshi Sinha: “Deepika and Priyanka are setting an example”

Sonakshi  Sinha is back after almost a year with her new upcoming film Akira. The actress is excited about Akira as it is her first action film.
Her last venture Tevar did not garner box office results. But the box office ups and downs do not disturb this Sinha girl. The actress has had a spate of hits to her credit and is confident that a flop or two will not affect her career.


How much preparation went into the role?
Action is genreally very tough for a woman and a man. I think there’s a lot of preparation.  It looks easy on screen but it’s tough.  I trained in MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) before shooting and during shooting too, I kept training myself.
What made you take up this film and how was it working with Murugadoss as he is known for action films?
I  enjoyed working with Mr. Murugadoss. When he narrated the script to me I immediately said yes as  he was making a heroine centric film for the first time and that too an action film. I loved the character and I  jumped at the offer. He has worked with a lot of big actors and made bigger films earlier but this was something different. I have done so many action films that I love watching them. I have watched heroes and always wondered when I would get to do such action in my films. I have finally got one.


The trailer too has received a lot of appreciation?
I am happy with the reactions to the trailer and it’s getting a lot of good reactions. I am hoping that the film does well too.
Strong female characters  are inspirations for women today who deal with so many problems in real life. Will Akira impact women positively?
I think  every girl, woman and child will take away something from the film because it’s not just entertaining but it has a message.  I think every girl will take up  martial arts after watching the film.  It also  depicts how to be proud that you are a woman.


How do you look back on your journey?
I can’t say it was easy or difficult. I learnt a lot on the job. I did some good films and bad films. I worked and met a lot of people. I am still learning with every film. There’s still a lot more to learn. I love being on set, shooting and being on camera. I love being part of the making of a film.
In a country where female foeticide is still practiced, women are winning  medals for the country…
They are showing that in a man’s world, what the women are capable of. Girls are achieving a lot these days and  people are realising it. 


What do you look for in a script?
I look for the right script  and want my character  to stand out. My character was challenging. I had to portray scenes that I have never done earlier.
There’s a lot being said about your engagement these days?
I have stopped reading gossips and am concentrating on my work and I don’t bother about these whispers. You can’t control certain things.


But how do you want your dream man to be?
My dream man is not filmy type. He should be good, humorous and should compliment my personality type.
How was it working with director Anurag Kashyap as an actor?
Anurag Kshyap is like an actor and he did not become a director. He has got a lot of appreciation and he looks like a convincing villain and honestly he is a great actor.  It was fun working with them.  I told him, make a happy film and I will act in it. 


We heard you are singing in the film?
When I sang the song I  realised I can  make my dreams come true.  It was a hobby and I was shooting a video and was singing loudly. Fox team was there and they heard my voice and  came to me and said why don’t you sing the song. I reached the studios and sung the song.
You are active on the social media. Do you feel it’s the right medium to reach out to?
Social media is so convenient, I can reveal the truth. I  think it is necessary to clarify and I feel people should have sense of responsibility while talking on social media platforms.


What next?
Force 2 shooting is going on and I am  doing another action film again.  Apart from that I am reading a few scripts.
You are a fashion designer do you still give inputs when it comes to your costumes?
I  have always given inputs on my costumes. No one knows better than me about what looks good on me. I have given inputs because I feel good. 


The film is entirely on your shoulders how difficult is it to promote the film?
I am promoting this film all alone.  I believe in the film and am happy.
September 5 is Teacher’s Day, any teacher you fondly remember or whom you look up to?
There are many  teachers who taught me good things but what  my Sanskrit teacher taught me  in life I will never forget.  I was caught copying in class nine. But she never insulted me in front of my friends.  Instead she called my  mom and complained. I had learnt my lesson but after that incident  I have never copied after that and never let others copy.  I look up to my teacher  in Fashion designing course, she was an  illustration teacher  and was very encouraging. She would make me draw and then improve on it. I loved that style  as it  helped me grow  and  polished my talent. 


Did you undergo any special diet for the film?
I eat healthy now and it’s become a lifestyle I cut  out on the junk food.  Apart from that there was no special diet as such.
How was it working with Konkana?
She is so good. When actresses like her come in frame you try to be  better. She is a sweet lady.


Arbaaz Khan said that you are a part of Dabangg 3?
I have to be a part of it. The  first two parts begin with me  but it all depends on the script as it is not ready yet. You will have to wait till it’s ready.
Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra have been known for action films and they are now doing  action in Hollywood?
 I am very  happy and proud that they have reached there and doing good work, They are setting an example in front of all of us.

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