Heroines and their colours

If you have to associate a colour with a Bollywood heroine, then what would it be?
These are very tricky choices but we feel that we will still give it a go. Let’s see what we get…


Katrina Kaif : We will give her the colour blue. Katrina Kaif is a man’s woman, she perhaps lives in the fantasy world of every man. So, she deserves this colour, what say?


Kareena Kapoor : Kareena is a quintessential woman. We would give her the colour pink.


Alia Bhatt : She has proved her mettle with intense roles and she can lay her claim to the colour red. 


Sonakhsi Sinha : It is difficult to assign a colour to her but she would definitely be a fit for bright orange. She is intense, passionate and effective. Let’s see her in orange. 

Shraddha Kapoor : She would get the colour green. Not because she is a jealous but because there is an earthy, practical feel around her. She is the next-door girl we would love to fall in love with.


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