Five celebrity star sons who will grow up to be as handsome and dashing as their father

It’s in the genes, baby. It’s in the blood. Being handsome and dashing is something that they get in “virasaat”. We are talking about five star-sons who are growing up fast and we are not too sure if they will be more handsome in the days to come than their fathers were.
We feel these five sons are the future superstars of Bollywood.

Aryan Khan : We have seen the social media pictures and we know that Aryan is as handsome as his illustrious dad, if not more. We cannot wait to see Aryan make his debut in Bollywood.

Karan Deol : Even though he is not that active on social media, we know that he is going to be a gentleman. We hear that he is making his Bollywood debut soon.

Junaid Khan : He looks very different from his father Aamir Khan but he is one handsome fellow, we tell you.

Ibrahim Ali Khan : This boy is growing up fast and man, he looks like a royal. We are sure that he will be as handsome and as dashing as his dad Saif Ali Khan. We just love him.

Arhaan Khan : We just saw pictures of him holidaying with his mom, Malaika Arora Khan at the Maldives and we know that he comes from the Khandaan. You never know he can be the next Salman Khan. 

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