Five things you didn’t know about Akshay Kumar

Apart from the three Khans and Hrithik Roshan, if there is anyone who’s doing equally good work, that will be Akshay Kumar. Here are some facts about Akshay Kumar that you didn’t know about.

Akshay has done a superhit Kannada film : In 1993, he had acted as one of the lead actors of the superhit Kannada blockbuster film, Vishnu-Vijaya directed by Keshu starring South Super Star Dr Vishnuvardhan and Ashwini Bhave (his co-star in Sainik).

Akshay Kumar has the highest honour in Karate : Akshay Kumar is a sixth degree Black Belt in Kuyukai Gojuryu Karate. This is the highest level that one can achieve in this discipline.

Akshay is a bad cook : Even though everybody knows that Akshay Kumar used to be a cook in Bangkok, he is actually a very bad cook.

Akshay Kumar has a sister : Her name is Alka Bhatia but she rarely makes any public appearances.

Akshay is regarded as the most disciplined actor : Akshay Kumar is actually an actor who all producers love. Apart from the fact that he is always on the sets on time, Akshay is the only Bollywood actor who starts his day early.     

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