What Karan Johar has revealed about himself recently

Karan Johar has started to write a blog and has reflected on his life. In the process, he has revealed a great deal of stuff about his own life. Here are five things that he told us about himself. 

Karan Johar has a therapist : Karan Johar has revealed that he occasionally suffers from depression and that he is under medication for that. He has also revealed that he regularly sees a therapist.

Karan Johar suffered from self doubt : Early on in his career he suffered from self doubt which prevented him from excelling early on in his life.

He doesn’t crave for sex : Karan Johar has frankly admitted that he doesn’t expect to get intimate often and he has actually stopped looking forward to it. He says he is in a happy space and it doesn’t really matter to him any more.

He is suffering from a bruised colon and low hemoglobin count : Not only that Karan Johar wrote that he is back from a clinic abroad and that he is gluten and lactose intolerant. Well, that means a lot of restrictions on your diet. We wish you all the best Karan!

He doesn’t care about trolls : Karan revealed that he reads what his trolls have to say sometimes on his social media. He revealed that he is subjected to sexist remarks and abuse often but he doesn’t care. He really doesn’t let the trolls affect him one bit. Well this is where we got inspired Karan. Thanks for being who you are…

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