Five unknown facts about Jacqueline Fernandez

She is the ultimate head turner in Bollywood and widely regarded as one of the most glamorous actors in Bollywood today. So, for all her fans, here are some facets about her that are unknown to even her biggest fans.

Jacqueline was a television anchor in Sri Lanka : She used to anchor the news show, Lanka Business Report. Obviously you are wondering what she was doing with such a boring show.


She has a degree in Mass Communication : Jacqueline was a brilliant student and she was given a scholarship in the University of Sydney to study Mass Communication.

She is ranked as one world’s most desirable women : Jacqueline Fernandez was ranked as one of World’s most desirable women by the Time magazine in 2011. Her rank was number 7.

Jaqueline was a beauty queen : She was the Miss Universe from Sri Lanka who went on to the Miss Universe stage. Though she was eliminated in the opening rounds but that was the start of her career in showbiz. That happened in 2006.

She was raised in Bahrain : Though she is identified as a Sri Lankan citizen but the truth is Jacqueline has stayed very little in Sri Lanka. She attended college in Sydney, before that she did her schooling in Bahrain. However, her classmates widely recognise her to be a very good student in the class.

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