Five things you didn’t know about Kangana Ranaut

Kangana Ranaut is turning a lot of heads these days. Either it is with her fearless opinions or with her choice of films. So this article is exclusively for her fans, who are adoring her on social media these days. Did you know these five facts about her? 

Kangana is a trained Kathak dancer : Kangana Ranaut professionally learned Kathak. In fact, she was one of her teacher’s favourites. 

Kangana’s grandfather was an eminent IAS officer : Kangana’s grandfather was a well known IAS officer from Himachal Pradesh who is credited with a illustrious career.

She has a brother too : We all know about Kangana’s younger sister called Rangoli who is also her manager. But not many know that she also has a brother called Akshat. 

Kangana is a great cook : Kangana Ranaut has always been a great cook. She can make a great dal.

Kangana wanted to be a doctor : Kangana’s parents always wanted her to be a doctor. There was a time when she even wanted to do that. But later she changed her mind and became a model. 

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