Five heroes who cannot do without their meat dish

A lot of us like non-vegetarian food but there are some who simply cannot live without it. These stars love veg food too but will be delighted if you order a non-veg dish to go with it.

Ranbir Kapoor : Ranbir Kapoor loves his mutton dishes. In fact, his favourite dish is the Junglee Mutton Curry that is a signature dish in a five star hotel near his house. 

Sanjay Dutt : Our Baba loves his chicken Tikka masala. In fact he would have it at least once every week. Yes, he absolutely adores chicken. 

Shah Rukh Khan : You have guessed it right. SRK is an absolute lover of chicken dishes but he is expected to go for a roast chicken over anything else.

Salman Khan : He would love a wholesome dish instead of just having meat gravy. If you want to win Salman’s heart, then serve him Biriyani.

Aamir Khan : Aamir Khan loves his Dum dishes. So Dum Pukht Gosht is something that you will frequently see him having. However you should be aware that frequently he puts severe diet restriction on himself if he is following a particular character or trying to gain a particular body type.

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