Five Bollywood actresses who cannot resist sweets

Sweets are a bane for any Bollywood actress. The actresses are not supposed to have them. But there are actresses who simply cannot resist the sight of sweets on the table. Here are five of them. Yes we didn’t include chocolate in this list because, hey! Is there anybody who doesn’t love chocolates? 

Rani Mukerji : Rani loves jalebi. She admits that it is the most sinful sweet available because it is first fried and then dipped in a sugar syrup. But this actress just cannot stop herself from eating sweets.  

Bipasha Basu : Bipasha loves Sandesh, a speciality Bengali sweet that is made of chhena. She can have 10 such small pieces at the same time. However, Bipasha admittedly doesn’t indulge in them except for her birthday.

Katrina Kaif : Yes she is the surprise entry on this list. Katrina can hardly resist the temptation of having an ice cream. If you are having an ice cream in front of her then she is likely to snatch it from you.

Deepika Padukone : Keep a bowl of payasam in front of her and you will see her slurping the next second.

Parineeti Chopra : This girl loves her sweets too. She loves rasmalai. Even though her strict diet forbids her from having the sweet, we are sure that she makes an exception once in a while!    

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