One-on-one with Alia Bhatt: Nobody ever said before that I was beautiful

She’s young, brash and beautiful but at the same time she is all ready to risk her career for roles in films like Highway and Udta Punjab.  Alia Bhatt feels that  now is the time when she can go all out and experiment with her roles.  She speaks about her film and her journey in Bollywood so far.

Tell us about your character in Udta Punjab?

She is a migrant and comes from the lower rung of  society. She is a Bihari working in the fields of Punjab. It has been one of my most difficult roles as there was no familiarity.

Do you think that you are risking your career by experimenting at such an young age?

Now is when I can take risks. Shahid had already signed the film and he wanted my opinion on the film. I read the script. I told him it is a lovely script. He asked me if I am interested. I said they have not approached me. He said if they talk to you will you agree to do it. I said ‘yes’ immediately. That’s how the film happened.

You have used a lot of cuss words in the movie do you do so in real life too?

It was not easy for me because I don’t use them often. I do use them once in a while when I am generally discussing things. I did once or twice when my parents were around and they  looked at me sternly and said Alia what’s this. But I don’t use them much. Even in the film I have very few scenes where I use cuss words.

Do you have scenes with Kareena?

I have scenes with Shahid but not with Kareena. I have been a huge fan of hers and am still in awe of her.

Was there any awkwardness sharing the same space with them together at the promotions?

I feel everybody has moved on with their lives and everyone has settled in their lives. We are all here to make films, so let’s not get into that.

You are as brash as your father when it comes to airing your opinions, doesn’t Karan Johar tell you to curb yourself?

Karan tells me to  be careful about what I say. I have become better and careful now.  My  dad is a fighter. I have grown up under his shadow. I learnt from him, the way he conducts himself. Even if a situation comes in my life I fight back.  He tells me to fight for the right things. They have never asked me to  compromise. They have been very liberal. I have an opinion for everything. I try to curb myself and am not as hyper to talk about everything. My parents have always been very liberal. I might have offended them as a kid but they knew that I was a responsible child and I would never mess up.

Do you discuss about failed relationship with dad, has he ever discussed it with you?

Everybody goes through failed relationships. Eventually you find that one person you hold dear to your heart. I am very close to Siddharth as a friend and I have known him for a long time.  Our lives are so busy and when we are working together we are in constant touch. We are in talks for Aashiqui 3.  My father has had his share of failed relationships. And I suppose all of us have gone through them. Failed relationships help one to grow. I have also had a failed relationship and I moved away from it because I wanted to achieve something with my career. And somehow that enabled me to focus on my work.

You are a youth icon today?

I think Abram is the youngest youth icon. He is the most favoured star and  the most popular kid I have ever known. The minute I start thinking I am the youngest successful star it will come in the way of my work and it will ruin the whole process. I am grateful for all the love but I don’t want the right over it because one day there won’t be as much love. I want to keep surprising all the people all the time.

How do you keep stardom at bay?

I don’t let stardom affect me. I believe that what rises falls down too.  Nothing is constant in life but yes I am grateful for all the love and adulations I keep getting from my fans and I don’t want to let go of it.   But I am also aware that if I keep myself grounded at this point of my success I will not feel the pinch when I lose it all. I will always be looking for adulation and attention.

While most of the actresses are going in for a lip job aren’t you tempted by it?

I am not passing judgement on people who have done it but I don’t want to go through it as I don’t think it’s necessary to change anything about myself.  

Tell us about your forthcoming films?

I am looking forward to Badrinath ki Dulhaniya which is again a fun and frolic kind of film. I finished shooting for Gauri Shinde’s film and now I will start shooting for Ayan Mukerjee’s film with Ranbir Kapoor.

How was it working with Shah Rukh Khan?

I was nervous of working with SRK but I did filmfare award event with him and that eased us out. Gauri Shinde is a very impressive woman and her writing is beautiful at the same time there is a certain griminess involved. Balki Sir was always on the sets and he would keep pulling our leg.

Whom are you more close to, mom or dad?

Both of them. Dad is much calmer and handles situations well.  We keep pulling mom’s leg me and my sister. My mom is always smiling and suddenly she gets worked up. We tell her that it’s a joke. We are close to both.

Dad has always been very outspoken, do you also voice your opinion over issues?

Dad stands up for the Muslim community as he has a personal connection beause  of his mother. I stand up for Animal Safety and Animal Welfare or Girl education. I stand up for causes that I feel for.

Will we ever see you taking up writing like your sister Shaheen?

I started writing but my hand hurts. I can’t type too, I can’t record because I feel scared, what if I lose the recording. I like to have the flow and poetic feeling when you write. I am trying to pen a few thoughts but  I have not attempted yet. I am not smart as my family.

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