Which subjects did Bollywood actors hate?

There are a lot of people who hate school. In fact, we have all hated one subject or the other in school. So, why would Bollywood actors be any different? Here are subjects that leadingBollywood actors hate…

Shah Rukh Khan’s least favourite subject was Hindi. He never liked studying Hindi in school.

I am sure a lot of you will agree with Aalia Bhatt. Yes, she hated Mathematics in school.

Arjun Kapoor hated science subjects in school. In fact, the aversion towards science subjects was so much that he didn’t continue beyond class XII.

Not a lot of people know that Kareena Kapoor took up law to study as a postgraduate diploma. But she didn’t like the subject and dropped out eventually.

Salman Khan ultimately dropped out of National College in Bandra because he apparently took the wrong combination of subjects. He had taken up Arts (Bachelor) degree. He never took up studying again.

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