One-on-one with Riteish Desmukh : Parenting is a wonderful phase

Riteish Deshmukh is on a new high these days as the actor is a proud parent to a baby boy and his Marathi film Lai Bhaari  has broken all box office records. He is now looking forward to Housefull 3 and  is eager to produce Marathi films.

Tell us about Houefull 3?

Once again Akshay Kumar, Jacqueline Fernandez, Boman Irani  and Chunky Pandey are starring in the film. Abhishek is the new addition. Every time we meet while doing a film we have a lot of fun. I play a racer who has to act blind in the film.

How difficult was it playing a blind character?

I am not blind in the film and I have to act blind. I am a racer by profession, so I had to be careful as I don’t play a serious blind. I am a comic blind in the film. It was interesting and I enjoyed playing the character.

How difficult is comedy per  se?

Comedy is all about situations. I am very serious in real life.  It is all about reactions. If it’s a fun thing when one thing leads to another. Comedy is like net practice and everyone has a different rhythm. We get to learn so many things. You have to have a sense of humour otherwise it doesn’t work. If you are doing such films for a long time it comes to you naturally. Abhishek has a punchy sense of humour while I have a mixed sense  of humour.

Were the girls able to match up to your comic timing?

They were all  crazily funny. Their sense of humour is great. Nargis is superb, Lisa has a crackling sense of humour and Jacqueline is good too.

What about production?

I am reading a lot of scripts. I am going in for two films this year. I am doing a film Mauli with Nishikant Kamat. During December, I will start Shivaji.

You have also lost a lot of weight?

I was lazy but now I am going to be fitter. My weighing scale has gone to a zone which is coaxing me to buckle up.

How do you look back on your journey now?

It’s been 13 years in the industry and my answer hasn’t changed.  I never thought I would survive for ten years but I was happy in the space I was and I was happy to get to work with stalwarts. I was doing films with Akshay Kumar and Ajay Devgn.  I was knowing my craft better. I became confident and I am at a stage where I am into production. You have to keep changing and adapt yourself.

Who is the boss when it comes to budgeting?

On the creative side, I can take a call on the script but when it comes to budgeting, Genelia  takes care of it.  She was involved in everything from booking cars and hotels.

We heard your wife advises you on scripts?

I am an actor. But Genelia has a great sense of script and she’s smart and she’s done films with stalwarts in the South. Her understanding is strong and she keeps it simple.  Every film that she has worked she has kept it simple. She often says that ‘don’t make things complicated as the audience gets confused’.  

Your child is one and half years old how do you look at this phase?

Parenting is a wonderful phase.  Every parent should not miss these moments.

What next?

I have Masti and Banjo and then Bank Chor.  I will be doing Mauli 2 and  Shivaji. Ideally I want to do one Marathi film a year.  I don’t attribute the success of Marathi films to myself but it has suddenly become so huge.  If we carry on this momentum we will be as strong as any other Telugu or Tamil films.    

What about architecture, has it taken a back seat?                                         We, three four friends work together, in a firm. I go to office when I get the time.

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