One-on-one with Gautam Gulati: I am open to criticism

Gautam Gulati, the winner of Big Boss 8 is now looking forward to his first Bollywood outing, Azhar, where he will be seen in the role of a cricketer-turned-commentator.  The actor spoke about his beginning in Bollywood and  says he’s ready for the brickbats and bouquets.

How  has life been after Big Boss?

Life  has changed a lot but I am the same person. The way I used to live I have been leading the same life. I am getting a lot of love. I am getting offers. I am working according to my choices now. It’s a different kind of Industry. I believe nothing is impossible. I waited for years and I am happy that I am a part of big banner films now.

What have you been doing all the while?

I train myself everyday by going to the gym, cycling, swimming, martial arts. I know I have not arrived as yet. I have just done two films and television and there’ a lot more to do.  I believe that one must be prepared, you never know when you will get a good role and you will have to take it up. So I keep myself groomed every day.

Have you made friends in the industry?

I don’t know anyone in the industry as yet. I have made a few friends. I  meet people in parties but I don’t party much. I know everyone in the industry.

Tell us about your role in Azhar?

I don’t play a cricketer in the movie. I am playing a flamboyant, lavish cricketer turned commentator. He’s inspired by Ravi Shastri. It took me a month to learn commentary. I used to listen and watch videos of commentators like Tony Greg, Navjyot Sidhu, Harsha Bhogale. He’s very bindaas and naughty and a fun character to watch.

Did you ever play cricket?

I loved playing cricket in my younger days. I wanted to become a cricketer.

Did you get to spend time with Emraan Hashmi and Azharruddin?

We used to spend time together, we shot a few scenes together. We used to have our fun moments at the pool side or on the pitch when we were shooting. Shooting was very tough. In London I had played with Emraan and he hit a big shot and broke window panes. I bowled for Emraan when he was training. I got to bowl for Azhar too on the grounds. It was fun shooting on the sets.

What have you finally learnt from the industry?

I am happy. I got a lot of offers but many a times films don’t get released  I have ten scripts with me even today. I didn’t know earlier that you have to study which banner you are working with or which corporate house is releasing the film or your fans can’t watch your film.

Are you open to criticism?

People will talk even if you are good. People change. You shouldn’t fall into that trap, you have to be positive. I don’t have stress and I am positive all the time. I remember before  Big Boss that I got a lot of publicity and fame. I was working for Television shows and I worked hard.  I know that  even if I do one scene which is good in the film I will be appreciated. No one becomes big overnight. One has to work hard and keep on working and  with all honesty and success will be yours someday.‎

What about television? Are you open to it? Or you are only looking towards Bollywood now?

I am not doing soaps now. I  refused to be a Roadies judge.

What next?

I am doing two more films I have signed a three film deal. I am looking forward to it. I want to do something more. Playing characters takes a lot of your time as you have to prepare for it.  For my role in Azhar I had to become slim and grow a moustache.

We also heard you have done a short film?

Yes it was released at the 67th Cannes film festival. I was on the same space as Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham and Arnold Schwarznegger  and it was a great feeling. I cannot describe my joy.  I got a lot of confidence and I left my shows for the film. It’s going to be showcased at the short film festival at the San Francisco.

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