Five things you didn’t know about Shraddha Kapoor

Even the most well-known celebrities harbour secrets. Here are some secrets about Shraddha Kapoor.

Shraddha Kapoor was a dance champion in her school. Everybody thinks that she was a singer when she was in school. Actually she excelled in dance and won a number of competitions.

Her best friend is her maasi. Shraddha Kapoor is extremely close to her aunt, Tejaswini Kolhapure who’s also an actor. She shares all her deepest and darkest secrets with her. 

Shraddha always finishes her dinner around 9 pm. If the clock is about to strike nine in the evening then you would rather find Shraddha at the dinner table. One of her biggest diet secrets is that she always has early dinners. 

Shraddha is training to sing hard rock. Shraddha is a natural romantic singer and she likes country music. But right now she is training in pop and rock for one of her films. You might hear her voicing a hard rock number soon.

Shraddha hates clicking pictured without makeup. When the world is going candid and #nofilters on Instagram is a trending hashtag, Shraddha Kapoor hates pictures with that hashtag. However, this doesn’t apply for selfies, Shraddha hates photographers around her until she is done with her makeup.

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