Why Deepika Padukone is a life goal

There are many qualities in Deepika Padukone that qualify her to be a life goal. Here we list out some.

She is bold and beautiful : Deepika doesn’t shy away from doing bold roles. By “bold”, we don’t mean where she has to don a bikini, she has done it numerous times. By bold we mean that Deepika chooses her roles that require a certain amount of risk. For example, Finding Fanny or Piku was one of the most diverse roles going by Bollywood standards but even then, she chose to go ahead with them.

She cannot care less about being judged : Whether it is speaking out against a powerful media house or speaking about her own depression, Deepika Padukone ‎has never bothered about speaking out what’s there in her heart. She is not restricted by what the public will think about her, she just goes ahead with what she thinks is right. Isn’t this just great? 

She cares little about PDA : Isn’t it an amazing sight to see her engage in some sweet nothings with her boyfriend? When it was Ranbir, Deepika never missed being by his side at events and now when Ranveer Singh has zoomed into her life, she never keeps away from showering him with some love and attention in public. We love it by the way!

She cares about her exes : Anybody ‎in her place would have not cared but Deepika is made up of different material. She not only signed a movie with Ranbir Kapoor post their breakup but also did her best to promote it. What’s more, she was also seen praying for her ex at temples for the movie to become a hit. Who else would do that?

Deepika is not publicity hungry : No matter what she does, Deepika doesn’t go around hogging media attention through manipulation. She has bagged a role in one of the most well known action franchises, but trust Deepika to keep it simple and toned down. It was Vin Diesel who tom-tomed it to the world but Deepika kept it down to earth.

Deepika doesn’t belong to a camp : There are very few actresses who don’t have an allegiance, Deepika is one of them. Yes, she was propelled to stardom by Shah Rukh Khan but Deepika is now acting with everybody. In fact, we are told that she is now waiting for a script that will pair her with Salman Khan as well.

She has one of the fittest bodies around : The kind of fitness routine that Deepika has, depends less on machines and more on sport and aerobics. Her fitness routine is also a fitness goal for many. We are told that Deepika is a yoga enthusiast as well. Now it’s time for you to junk those machines and pick up the badminton racket.

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