Five most trolled Bollywood celebrities

Trolls are nameless and faceless accounts of people on Twitter who attack celebrities frequently, sometimes in vile and objectionable language. Even though other social networks are very harsh on trolls and usually terminates their accounts, Twitter is comparatively kind and lets some of those accounts survive. A user can usually block or mute those accounts from their timelines. Here are the Bollywood personalities who are most frequently attacked by trolls on Twitter. 

‎Abhishek Bachchan : Even though Abhishek Bachchan is one of the most sporting celebrities in Bollywood, the trolls on Twitter are most harsh on him. Abhishek does lose his cool once in a while but overall he always chooses to ignore them. In some cases, he chooses to reply to his trolls with a dose of healthy humour.

Uday Chopra : Uday’s unconventional tweets sometimes draw the most unconventional responses from the trolls who follow him. However, Uday has learnt to live with it and chooses to give it back to them once in a while.

Ram Gopal Verma : Ramu hardly replies to his trolls and usually ignores all of them on Twitter but that doesn’t deter them from attacking him frequently.

Aamir Khan : Sometimes in the fan war of the two other Khans, Aamir Khan is the most unlikely of victims. But one has never seen him react against his trolls. Also, Aamir is very irregular on Twitter. 

Vishal Dadlani : Vishal is famous in Bollywood for blocking his trolls. In fact, it is speculated that the number of blocked accounts by Vishal should be more than a thousand. The trolls usually attack him for his political views.

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