One-one-one with Aamir Khan: I want to gift my mother a house in Benaras on her 80th birthday

Receiving journalists on his birthday, Aamir Khan didn’t seem to be a person who has recently crossed fifty. The 51-year-old actor was proudly sporting a tee that carried a print of a painting by his son Azaad Rao Khan (see picture). He looked at least 20 years younger.
With the recent controversies about ‘intolerance’ behind him, Aamir seemed very relaxed and jovial. So we threw a few questions at him on his birthday.

You like Bollywood gossip?

Unfortunately, I am the last one to know about any gossip and the gossip I get to know these days are already three years old.  Yeah this happened recently. I got to know something recently and when I tried to tell that to my industry friends, they told me that it was three-year-old gossip and a lot has happened in between. This means I am very bad at it. I think it’s Karan (Johar) who always has the latest (gossip).

Tell us about this tee that you are wearing.

Azad and Kiran wished me (happy birthday) with this T Shirt. You can see that here it is written, ‘Azad Loves Papa’ (points to the T shirt).


What do you want to gift your parents?

My biggest dream is to gift my mother a house in Benaras on her 80th birthday.

There have been rumours that the release of your upcoming film Dangal has been postponed?

Absolutely not. The film has not been postponed and it will be releasing on Christmas (2016) as planned.


Now that you have gained a lot of weight, how are you planning to lose it? (The second half of Dangal reportedly requires him to lose all the weight that he has gained).

I have already lost a lot of weight. I have to lose 15 kgs more. I am on a strict diet and will be sporting a fit body which is that of a typical wrestler (in the second half of the film)

Are you growing your beard and moustache for the role?

I am just growing it but we have not decided on the final look (of the character) yet.


What do you think about Salman Khan’s Sultan, which is also based on the same subject?

I am looking forward to Sultan on Eid.  My film is entirely different and (it) is simple story.  It’s about a man who is passionate about wrestling and wants to win at the national level. He hopes that when he has a son his dreams will be fulfilled but he has three daughters. So, he trains his daughters to wrestle. That’s the main gist of the story.

Will a simple story like this click at the box office?

I don’t sign films thinking that it will be a hit. I sign films because I love the subject. Be it Rang De Basanti, Lagaan or Taare Zameen Par.  The concepts were never mine. It was Rakeysh Mehra or Ashutosh Gowarikar or Amol Gupte’s concept.  The concept is usually the writer or director’s.  But I loved them and I did the films. I never signed them thinking that they will become hits. When I signed them they were niche films. I just followed my heart. The relationship between the audience or the star is not made overnight. It grows stronger with every film.  Through your films your personal story is shown. It’s been 27 years of relation with the audience.

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