Ranveer and Sona have a cute way of greeting each other

Ranveer Singh and Sonakshi Sinha seem to have a peculiar way of greeting each other. The two of them are always cheerful and happy to see each other. They seem to forget everyone around them when they meet and have a cute little way of greeting each other. Here’s look at some pictures that’ll explain better what we’re trying to say.

On spotting Ranveer at a recent event Sonakshi held up her purse to get his attention.

Ranveer was quick to respond and was at her side immediately

There were some theatrics involved

Sonakshi seemed to be really happy as she cheered Ranveer on

We noticed they had the same reaction when they spotted each other at an awards ceremony a few days back.

We wish we had such filmy ways of greeting our friends too!

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