Seven movies to watch in spirit of Republic Day!

Happy Republic Day everyone! We know Republic Day’s gone, but it is one of the most important days in the history of our country. We’re sure all of you must have had your fair share of patriotic movies and songs yesterday, but here are seven, sort of unconventional films that you can watch in spirit of this day and be proud of being an India. 

Chittagong :Set in the turbulence of the 1930s
British India, a 14-year-old boy, Jhunku, and his journey to find where he
belongs. For the first time in Indian history, the British army is defeated by
a ragtag army of schoolboys and their teacher, Masterda. Called a traitor by his peers, and let down by a man he trusts,
Jhunku impulsively joins the movement. As his world is turned upside down,
Jhunku is forced to confront his self-doubts. As the leaders of the movement
are progressively caught or killed, Jhunku battles against seemingly
insurmountable odds to win a victory of his own. The film is an exciting
action-drama, made more so by the fact that it is true.

Kya Dilli Kya Lahore :In 1948, a cross-fire erupts at an
isolated stretch of Indo-Pak border, leaving only two soldiers alive. One is an
Indian soldier of Pakistani origin while the other happens to be a Pakistani
soldier of Indian origin. An ironic story of pride and survival begins when –
in an attempt to evade danger, they bump into each other. And amidst continuous
exchange of bullets, altercations and murkier situations, it evolves into a
journey of human connection with an unforeseeable end.

Filmistaan :An affable Bollywood buff and wanna-be-actor
Sunny, who works as an assistant director, fantasizes on becoming a heart-throb
star. He goes with an American crew to remote areas in Rajasthan to work on a
documentary. One day, a terrorist group kidnaps him instead of an American
crew-member. Sunny finds himself on enemy border amidst guns and pathani-clad guards, who decide to keep
him hostage until they locate their original target. The house where he is
confined belongs to a Pakistani, whose trade stems from pirated Hindi films,
which he brings back every time he crosses the border. Soon, the two factions
realize that they share a human and cultural bond. The film shows how cinema
can be the universal panacea for co-existence.

Raje Bauji is a man in his late fifties,
living out a dreary but eventful life in a small house in old Delhi- where he
lives with his extended family. A random incident is going to change his life
in a dramatic way- though he does not realize at the moment. Bauji’s daughter
has been seeing a boy of ill repute. When that fact is revealed to the family,
after much deliberation they decide to do the obvious- lock up the girl and go
beat the willful boy. It is a funny old journey of this man, this old fool- who
is both Lear and the fool.

Aur Charles : Meet him once and your life will change
forever. The movie revolves around Charles, an enigmatic con man and a vicious
killer, and the lives he touched with his inescapable charm and mysterious
personality. We follow Charles, who is literally evil personified, as he
manipulates innumerable people to facilitate his jail break.

Ship Of Theseus : Ship of Theseus is a 2013 Indian drama film
written and directed by Anand Gandhi, and produced by actor Sohum Shah. The
film explores “questions of identity, justice, beauty, meaning and death
through the stories of an experimental photographer, an ailing monk and an
enterprising stockbroker”, played by Aida El-Kashef, Neeraj Kabi and Sohum
Shah. The title of the film alludes to Theseus’
, most notably recorded in Life of
, wherein the Greek
historian and philosopher
inquires whether a ship that has been restored by replacing all its parts
remains the same ship. It received highly positive reviews from both Indian and
international press and has been hailed as “the most significant film to
come out of India in a very long time”.

Alms For A Blind Horse : Alms for a Blind Horse is a highly acclaimed Punjabi-language
film directed by Gurvinder Singh. Released in 2011, the film is
based on the Punjabi novel of the same title published in 1976 by Gurdial
. It portrays the plight and problems of Punjabi farmers, rural
working class, as well as the landlords. The film won National Awards for Best Direction, Cinematography and Best Feature Film
in Punjabi
at the 59th National Film Awards of India. The film was
shot in and around Bathinda city Punjab,

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