One-on-one with Tushar Kapoor: My image is that of a nice guy

He might not be a
Khan, Kumar or Roshan and not even one of the Kapoors, who are the members of
the prestigious multi-crore clubs; but that doesn’t deter him at all. Being one
of the masters at taking people on a laugh riot, Tusshar talks about his next
two adult comedies which are set to release back-to-back! Well it certainly
can’t get naughtier and raunchier than this!

Let’s begin with
your two upcoming films, Kya Kool Hain
Hum 3
and Mastizaade. You have
two sex comedies releasing in two consecutive weeks!

Ha ha ha! Yeah I am a part of the third in the franchise
and in fact, I hope there would be sequels to Mastizaade too and I would get to be part of them too.

But don’t you
think it’s a little too risky for your image?

Not really. I like this image and no matter how many sex
comedies I do in one calendar year or in my entire career, my image,
thankfully, has been that of a nice guy. So that will give me an added
advantage of doing some more adult comedies in the future too without being too
worried about spoiling my image. Also I think people like me in comedies,
whether its family entertainers like Golmaal
or adult comedies. I have carved a niche for myself in this genre and have sort
of become a master of it now! I hope the audience likes me as much as they have
loved me in my earlier comic films. Thankfully, my roles and characters in both
these adult comedies are way different, so it won’t be too in-their-face for
the audience to see me in the same zone in two consecutive weeks. Maybe they
will feel, the more the merrier. (Laughs)

You seem to have
found or rather developed more liking for sex comedies of late. What are you up

Well I like to call them adult comedies and I like to be
part of feel-good cinema. Comedy is a feel-good genre and adult comedies are
also liked by all, no matter how anti people try to be. But in case of the
latter, the feel good factor is all over the body and not just limited to brain
and heart! (Laughs) There is no harm in that ‘coz no one is complaining. Making
these kinds of films and making people laugh is no cakewalk. It’s not as easy
as it probably appears to be. You know the dialogues and jokes in advance but
you still have to maintain the level of anxiety and give your best. You need to
know when to ham and when not to ham. Comedy ka sahi sur pakadna padta hai. You need to have good chemistry with
your co-stars and with your director as well. You have to be spontaneous and

Which comedy is
easier – clean comedy or adult comedy?

Comedy in any form is not easy, and you have to play very
smart when it comes to adult comedy because there is a very thin line between
being humorous and cheap or vulgar. In fact adult comedy is more difficult
because in case of films like Golmaal,
your audience base is much higher whereas in case of films like Kya Kool Hain Hum or Grand Masti, you go slightly niche, so
your story better be strong and the jokes better be funnier because you are
anyways catering to a limited age group of audience. You have to make those
people like the film.

Sadly, you didn’t
taste success with some of the sex comedies in the recent past. Weren’t you apprehensive
of doing Mastizaade?

No not at all, because I am not playing a similar kind of
a character. Milan hasn’t offered me a role which is similar to the sex
comedies I have done earlier. Also I think Kya
Super Kool Hain Hum
did well but not as well as Kya Kool Hain Hum because people expected it to be naughtier and
raunchier than the first part. But it turned out to be a romantic comedy more
than an adult comedy. So that says it all. If you are promising the audience
that you are giving them a naughty film then it better be naughty. Don’t
promise them a sex comedy and deliver a rom-com.

Does being part of
such films help you do naughty things that you may not be able to do otherwise
in real life because you are a celebrity?

Ha ha ha!! No, not at all. Whatever I do on the sets is
as the character that I play and it’s nowhere close to what I would want to do
in my real life but can’t do because I am a celebrity. I have to think and
imagine the way that character does and what the role demands of me.

You think our
Censor Board has been trying to make things very difficult for the filmmakers
these days, especially for films with adult content?

No, I don’t think so, because our Censor Board is moving
to certification from censorship. So now, filmmakers who want to make an adult
film will be able to make and release it without any cut, but with an
A-certificate. Earlier, adult films used to get A-certificate but after a lot
many cuts and censorship, which I think would stop in the future. Why should an
adult film have cuts? What’s the point in calling it an adult film and giving
it an A-certificate? We have made and released adult comedies in the past and
we would do that in the future as well. The industry is united in the fight for
freedom of expression and I am sure our films will get the right kind of
support from the industry.

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