What if Salman Khan gets married?

The biggest question that perturbs the nation today is
whether Salman, who is acquitted of all charges in 2002 hit-and-run case, will
now get married and the second biggest question is who he would marry if at all
he decides to tie the knot in the near future. Well, only Salman knows that
better. But we bring a list of eligible candidates who we would love to see as
Mrs. Salman Khan.

Katrina Kaif : We know she is currently in a live-in relationship with
Ranbir Kapoor, but considering how fragile relationships are in this industry,
nothing is impossible with B-town’s love affairs. Remember what happened with
Ranbir and Deepika?  Also, considering
strong rumours about growing rift between Katrina and Ranbir are already doing
the rounds, an unfortunate announcement could be just round the corner.
However, in any given circumstance, we know Katrina’s name is the first that
comes to a million minds as Salman’s to-be wife. After all, they both look like
‘made for each other’, don’t they?

Priyanka Chopra : Imagine a superstar like Salman with such enviable fan
following across the world getting married to an actress of international
recognition, Priyanka Chopra? A dream pair, isn’t it? Priyanka has been good
friends with Salman for a long while now, although her friendship with Khan has
gone through its highs and lows. Also, considering Priyanka is single and is
not reportedly in relationship with anyone right now, she is ideally the
strongest candidate to be the eldest bahu
of ‘Khan’daan and the queen of Galaxy Apartments.

Deepika Padukone : We know Deepika Padukone is one actress who half the
nation wants to see as Mrs. Ranbir Kapoor, while the remaining half wants to
see her settle as Mrs. Ranveer Singh, but she is neither dating Ranbir nor has
she admitted of being in a relationship with Ranveer. And that obviously makes
her one of the top three contenders of becoming Salim and Salma Khan’s eldest
daughter-in-law. Does Deepika Padukone Khan sound nice to your ears? This one
would be the most romantic Prem-Leela

Preity Zinta : They say it’s best if husband and wife are each other’s
best friends. And Priety is known to be one of Salman’s best friends since
last two decades. Preity has time and again admitted how Salman has stood by
her side like the rock of Gibraltar and has been her strongest support system during
thick and thin. Also, if there is one actress who looks gorgeous with Salman
and shares enviable chemistry, then that’s Preity and hence we feel they both
would make for one of the best married couples of B-town.

Karisma Kapoor : She has already been Salman’s Biwi no. 1, albeit on reel and hence that leaves very less doubt
that if Karisma, who is now divorced and single, ties the knot with her good old
friend and co-star of many hits, she would make for a perfect biwi for our Sallu Miyan. Having gone through and experienced the darker side of
a marriage, she will ensure her liaison with Salman wouldn’t have to go through
any of the mess she has been through in her life in the past and hence, she
would prove to be his Biwi No. 1 in
real life too.

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