Top 10 Bollywood breakups of all time!

Where there is
love, there is insecurity and where there is insecurity, there is a tragic
break-up in the pipeline. Bollywood too has witnessed many such blossoming love
affairs ending in the most tragic ways. We bring you top 10 B-town love stories
of all time that deserved to reach their final destination, but sadly got lost
in the oblivion leaving many hearts broken and shattered!

Dilip Kumar –
Love has always been in the air in Bollywood ever since
Hindi cinema existed. One of such roaring affairs was that of Dilip Kumar and
Madhubala. One of the super hit and extremely gorgeous on and off screen pairs,
Dilip Kumar and Madhubala’s chemistry in Tarana
had left the audience asking for more. The result of that demand was Mughal-e-Azam. Sadly, half way through
the film, they both had stopped talking to each other and couldn’t even see
eye-to-eye. In fact, when one of the most sensuous romantic scenes of the film
was shot between the legends, they both had even stopped greeting each other.
Madhubala’s father Ataullah Khan had vested interests out of their relationship
which Kumar didn’t surrender himself to and that sadly resulted in the end of a
legendary love story!

Mithun Chakraborty
– Sridevi: 
He was at the peak of his career and she was touted as
the female superstar of Bollywood in the 80s. Having worked together in quite a
few films, Mithun and Sridevi’s on and off-screen chemistry had become the
hottest property and talking point in the Bollywood circuit. Mithun was already
married to Yogita Bali then, but as they say, love is blind and so was Mithun.
Their affair was at its highest peak and if rumors are to be believed, both
Mithun and Sridevi were even engaged and wanted to get married. But as luck or
rather bad luck would have it, their relationship hit rock bottom and they both
decided to go their separate ways.

Salman Khan –
Aishwarya Rai: 
What new do we say about this extremely gorgeous pair
that people haven’t read or heard before? Their affair and their break-up had
become a legend and rightly so. This is the only relationship that Salman is
known to have been seriously involved in till now. He had been in love even
before and after his affair with Ash, but not the way he was madly in love with
the ex-Miss World. Sadly, their fans only got to see them act in two films. Ash couldn’t
take Salman’s hot-headed temperament, wild ways of dealing with her and bizarre
lifestyle anymore and sooner than expected, Ash bid adieu to Khan who till date
remains the most eligible bachelor of B-town.

Akshay Kumar –
Raveena Tandon: 
The list of B-town affairs can never be complete without a
mention of Akshay Kumar who has had one of the most colorful and controversial
love stories ever. Although Akshay has been linked to half a dozen actresses
both before and after his marriage, his liaison with Raveena Tandon remains the
hottest and the most talked-about in the industry. Out of all his on-screen
pairs, Akshay’s mast mast chemistry
with Raveena remains the most loved till date. This once sensuous romance died
its natural death during the making of Khiladiyon Ka
when Akshay was rumored to be in an intimate relationship with
Rekha. We wish they both let bygones be bygones and come together to act in a

Akshay Kumar –
Shilpa Shetty: 
His marriage to Twinkle happened quite later, but Akshay
had had quite a few serious liaisons and one of them was with Shilpa Shetty. In
fact, they were so serious in their relationship that they almost tied the knot.
But destiny had different plans. Shilpa was heart-broken when she learnt about
Akshay’s marriage to Twinkle who was apparently known to be one of Shilpa’s
best friends. It was quite evident who the Khiladi
was and who the Anari was in this relationship. This heart-breaker Kumar is
not called a Khiladi for nothing.

John Abraham –
Bipasha Basu: 
Our heart goes out for Bipasha whenever there is a
mention of her love affair with John Abraham. After going super strong and
living together for eight long years, John and Bipasha parted ways on a very
bitter note. If reports and rumours are to be believed, it was John who was
two-timing Bipasha and was seeing Priya Runchal when he was already in a
relationship with Bipasha. When Bips learnt about it, she decided to walk out
of the relationship and rightly so. In fact, it was Bips who was very much in
love with John and wanted to get married to him, but John on the other hand,
kept averting it and soon their beautiful liaison came to an unfortunate end.

Shahid Kapoor –
Kareena Kapoor: 
This too was one of those love affairs which we all
wanted to see reaching its deserving destination – marriage. But Bebo was
destined to be the Begum of Pataudi and a certain Miss Rajput was destined to
become Mrs. Shahid Kapoor. Although Shahid and Kareena were one of the most
adorable pairs of B-town, sadly, their reel chemistry did no good to their
careers. Barring their last film together Jab
We Met
, all other films that had Bebo romantically paired opposite Shahid
had bombed miserably at the box office. Interestingly, Kareena’s on-screen
chemistry with Saif too hasn’t been successful till date either. In fact, by
the time Jab We Met released, Bebo
and Sasha had already parted ways, however, they are back to being cordial if
not the best of friends and would soon be seen sharing screen space in Udta Punjab.

Bipasha Basu –
Harman Baweja: 
Post her break-up with John Abraham, Bipasha was so
heart-broken that she was in no hurry to get into another relationship and
hence continued to remain single till Harman Baweja stepped into her life. It
was so evident from all her interactions and interviews that she had almost
started disbelieving in the concept of love until she found solace in Harman’s
company. But sadly and shockingly, this association too died a natural death
way sooner than expected. And the person responsible for their breakup was
Harman’s father, Harry Baweja who reportedly was in no mood to accept Bipasha
as his bahu and hence strongly
opposed this liaison which died its natural death! Blessing in disguise for

Ranbir Kapoor –
Deepika Padukone: 
Well! Well! Well! This, by far, happens to be the most
intriguing love stories of Bollywood. Soon after their first film, Bachna Ae Haseeno, Ranbir and Deepika
publicly announced that they were madly in love with each other. However, their
affair lasted for a short while until issues and insecurities started raising
their ugly heads. It was said that Ranbir and Katrina had fallen
head-over-heels in love with each other after their second outing, Raajneeti. Needless to say, the break-up
was difficult both for Ranbir and Deepika who had later confessed in her
interviews that she was completely shattered and heart-broken and it took time
for her to come out of the trauma. However, leaving their personal past behind,
the deadly duo is back to create magic on screen and their latest release Tamasha is a big testimony to the

Konkona Sen Sharma
– Ranvir Shorey: 
Not one of the conventional love stories of Bollywood,
their affair and sudden marriage didn’t quite create any stir. However, the
stories of Konkona’s pregnancy leading to their marriage raised quite a few
eyebrows and dropped quite a few jaws. The fact that Konkona announced her
pregnancy within days of her marriage to Ranvir was controversial enough.
However, early this year, both Konkona and Ranvir took to Twitter to announce
their separation, but promised to continue being good friends. Since the
stories of their growing differences had been reported more often, it was
probably time for this sensible duo to accept that their liaison was going
nowhere and hence decided to mutually call off their relationship without
letting gossipmongers have fun at the expense of their troubled marriage.

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