5 Best Performances of Ranbir Kapoor

There is no doubt that Ranbir Kapoor is the best thing to
have happened to Bollywood in the last one decade. One may not agree to this
arguable observation but in the esteemed Kapoor clan, Ranbir is the only
artiste of astounding caliber after his late legendary grandfather, Raj Kapoor.
Whether his film happens to be hit or flop, Ranbir never fails to impress, or
rather, his honest performance never disappoints. With his latest release Tamasha fetching him tremendous critical
acclaim, we take a look at five best performances of this powerhouse of talent.

Rocket Singh – Salesman
Of The Year: 
During initial years, any actor prefers to play
conventional and clichéd romantic characters and doesn’t dare experimenting
with challenging roles, but Ranbir broke the myth and did Rocket Singh – Salesman of the Year which saw him playing a
character, who is labeled a good-for-nothing salesman, titled as a non achiever
and humiliated as a loser. His body language, dialogue delivery, timing and
expressions were just bang on! He did justice to the character like nobody else
would have been able to.

Raajneeti: At that age, an actor needs a spine of steel and
brilliant acting skills to agree to be part of a multi-starrer, a strong
political drama like Raajneeti. Directed
by Prakash Jha, the film that had stalwarts like Naseeruddin Shah, Nana
Patekar, Ajay Devgn and Manoj Bajpayee saw Ranbir giving yet another brilliant
performance and stand out among such illustrious crowd. You really need to be a
gifted actor to be able to stand tall and carve your niche among such
experienced acting geniuses.

Barfi!: The title of Anurag Basu’s directorial has become a
second name of Ranbir Kapoor. Kids still love him and address him as Barfi! That was the magic of Ranbir
Kapoor who did an outstanding job as a deaf and mute guy who is
circumstantially forced to sacrifice his life and marry an autistic girl
brilliantly portrayed by Priyanka Chopra. Ranbir was so good in the film that if
any other actor attempts to perform a similar character, it is directly
compared to Kapoor Jr’s performance. We definitely wish to see him do another
film on similar lines and silence his detractors.

Rockstar: Director Imitiaz Ali beautifully managed to bring the
hidden rebel in Ranbir Kapoor to the fore in Rockstar. Although Ranbir had played rebellious characters in Rocket Singh… and Wake Up Sid too, but the way he penetrated into the skin of his
character in Rockstar was simply outstanding. Films may come and films may go,
and Ranbir too will give better performances in the future, but his fabulous
act in Rockstar will always remain as
one of his five best performances of all times.

Tamasha: The trailers of this film didn’t really reveal enough
about the film and its story and what it was all about. Also, the tag line,
‘why always the same story’ created more confusion. The audience did have an
idea that this complex love story was high on emotions and drama but Ranbir
Kapoor’s performance was beyond brilliant in this film. Ranbir always says that
he is an actor, he was born to act and he doesn’t really know anything else. And
we aren’t complaining, because if you are so spectacularly talented in your
profession Ranbir then we don’t even care whether you know anything else or
not. Keep entertaining us… and yes, see you at the movies!

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