10 images that prove Shah Rukh and Kajol are true BFFs

There’s no denying that Shah Rukh and Kajol are one of the timeless jodies of Bollywood. But while their romance on screen is sizzling, their chemistry in real life is no less. These two are probably the only two actors in B-town who haven’t been romantically

linked despite having given several hits together.

Here are 10 images of the blockbuster jodi that prove they are true BFFs 


You can see the comfort level they have with each other. 

They share a lot of inside jokes.

Their inside jokes make people around them uncomfortable.

Shah Rukh can make Kajol giggle like no one else.

Sometimes, even he feels he wasn’t that funny.

They can be total drama queens when they get together.

They love annoying each other.

They have no qualms about making jokes about others together.

They cheer each other on.

And lastly, they look totally adorable together. 

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