Separated at birth?

We couldn’t help but notice that these two actresses, belonging to different parts of the world, have strikingly similar features.

Who is Pooja Chopra? She is an Indian model and actress. She was crowned Femina Miss India in 2009 and has won the title of ‘Beauty with a Purpose’ at Miss World 2009. 

Pooja Chopra was raised by her single mother and grandmother after she was abandoned at birth, by her father because she was girl.

Who is Monica Belluci? She is an Italian model and actress. She became the brand ambassador of Dolce & Gabbana in 2012.

Monica Belluci was a Bond girl in Spectre. The James Bond franchise is famous for casting only young and sultry, twenty something actresses as Bond girls in their films. Monica however, broke the record by playing a mature, fifty something Bond girl in this James Bond film.

We found that these two models/actors bare uncanny resemblance to each other. Could they really be separated at birth?

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