The different moods of Kajol

Kajol was in a great mood in the trailer launch of her forthcoming film Dilwale. Our lensman caught the many animated moods of Kajol at the trailer launch. Look at her yourself. Isn’t she super adorable? 

Go through the rest of the pictures to rediscover the adorable side of the SRK-Kajol jodi. 

Here is the second part of the photo-series, where Shah Rukh Khan tells her a joke. Kriti Sanon was smiling but Kajol burst out laughing.

The attention now shifted towards Varun Dhawan. Shah Rukh Khan wanted to shut him up by placing his finger on his lips. Kajol was trying to stop him from doing so. For the record, everything was happening before the actual function began.

Look who has landed up in Varun Dhawan’s defence! It’s Rohit Shetty! Can we see Shah Rukh Khan beating a hasty retreat?

Well everybody is face palming each other in this picture. We got the joke. Well…err… we didn’t. But we are still laughing.

The press conference begins and Kajol takes to the mike. The giggling continues.

This is what we call in Bollywood terms, Khunnas! We bet the journalist facing this stare was more scared than us.

The one who was enjoying the most amongst all this flutter and giggles was of course, Kriti Sanon.

It’s time to pose for the shutterbugs. Have you ever seen Shah Rukh Khan shy? Well, here is a shy SRK!

Press conference over, its time to go home! Yay!

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