“Being Salman’s brother opens more doors for me,” says Arbaaz Khan

actor-turned-filmmaker rubbishes the belief that being a superstar’s brother is
a disadvantage or a burden.

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The world knows the height of superstardom Salman Khan
has achieved, but his two brothers, Arbaaz and Sohail, who also started their
acting careers long back, unfortunately couldn’t make it big as actors.
Although Arbaaz has made a reputation for himself as a smart filmmaker, its
impossible for him to avert comparisons with his superstar brother!

The kind of power Salman commands in the industry and the
way his relationships with certain people remain on a rocky patch, it’s no
rocket science to gauge that his brothers too have to be careful about who they
befriend. Needless to say that Salman’s relations with other people affect the
decisions his brothers take for their production houses too.

However, Arbaaz begs to differ. The Dabangg filmmaker recently said in an interview, “I would say there
are far more advantages than disadvantages. Being Salman’s brother opens more
doors for me than closes them. A lot of things that happened were because I
happen to be his brother. It works better especially when I have to get
something done. Disadvantages are few.”

But Arbaaz agrees that it becomes difficult to work with
people who Salman has personal issues with. “But it’s not as though Salman has
issues with the entire industry; there are those three-four isolated cases. He
looks at these issues as his own personal issues and doesn’t want them to
influence the decision making of his brothers!”

So do we see Arbaaz casting Vivek Oberoi in his next
production venture or directorial? Just asking!!

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