Vidya Balan praises the Goddesses!

Vidya recently watched the trailer of Angry Indian Goddesses and was high on praise for the film.

The trailer of Angry Indian Goddesses has left the cinema aficionados shocked and thinking! And Vidya Balan is too not an exception. The trailer has piqued her interest and she found it quite engaging.

The talented actress watched the trailer of the film at the MAMI film festival and was very keen to watch it. However, she could not catch the film at the festival and shared how she is keen to watch the film.

Vidya said, “I loved the trailer of Angry Indian Goddesses. I really want to watch the movie and will watch it as and when I get time.” When the makers learnt about this they reached out to Vidya and thanked her. The makers were really glad to receive such positive feedback and even proposed to host a special screening for her in the upcoming days.

We don’t know how good or bad the film is but we would really love to know the feedback of this screen goddess on Angry Indian Goddesses!

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