Mainstream actor jodis who even played relatives on screen!

Here is a list of actors who played love interests in one film, but didn’t have any qualms about playing brother-sister or mother and son in another film simultaneously. 

Trends come, trends go but there is nothing more exciting
than watching your mainstream heroes and heroines displaying audacity and
taking up roles that challenge their versatility and bring them out of their
comfort zone. One such healthy trend that prevailed in the yesteryear was
mainstream actors and actresses playing brother-sister or mother-son on screen
in a film, while they romanced each other in another celluloid outing. Sadly
the trend has almost diminished today. The only two actors who were recently
seen playing brother-sister on reel were Ranveer Singh and Priyanka Chopra in
Dil Dhadakne Do while the talented duo would next be seen as husband and wife
in Bajirao Mastani. We take a look at some of the yesteryear actors who prove
that the generations gone by were more audacious and experimental when it came
to their love for cinema and acting!

Amitabh Bachchan –
Rakhee, Parveen Babi, Hema Malini, Waheeda Rehman, Neetu Singh: 
isn’t one trend that this legendary actor hasn’t had the credit of setting in
this industry. Amitabh Bachchan has romanced almost every gorgeous lady during
his hey days. In fact, many years later in Cheeni Kum, the actor was even seen
romancing Tabu who is half his age. However, back in the day, when Amitabh was
ruling the industry and romancing some lovely ladies, he didn’t have any qualms
of playing a brother or father or even son to the very same heroines. And the
credit goes to the actresses too who didn’t shy away from being a sister or
daughter or mother to an actor who they were otherwise romancing on screen.
While Rakhee played Big B’s love interest in Kabhi Kabhie, Trishul, Kaala
and Muqaddar Ka Sikander, she was even seen playing his mother in
Shakti. Similarly, Parveen Babi, who played Amitabh’s leading lady in Manmohan
Desai’s Amar Akbar Anthony, was seen playing his sister and daughter in Desai’s
Desh Premee that saw Amitabh playing a twin role of a father and a son.

While Bachchan’s on-screen chemistry with Hema Malini is
one of the most loved, not many know that she played his sister in Gehri Chaal
that saw Jeetendra playing her love interest. Waheeda Rehman too, who played
Amitabh Bachchan’s wife in Kabhi Kabhie and Adaalat, played his mother in
Trishul. Interestingly, in Mahaan wherein Amitabh played a triple role, Waheeda
was seen playing his wife and mother too. Last but not the least, Neetu Singh,
who romanced Amitabh in Adaalat, Parvarish and The Great Gambler, interestingly
even played his daughter-in-law in Adaalat, his step daughter in Kabhi Kabhie
and sister-in-law in Deewar.

Jaya Bachchan –
Sanjeev Kumar: 
These two powerhouse performers might not have given
money churners whenever they were paired opposite each other, but their
stupendous performances are still as awe-inspiring as ever. How can one forget
a critically acclaimed Anamika and its evergreen songs? While Anamika saw Jaya
Bachchan playing Sanjeev Kumar’s wife, Parichay saw her playing his daughter
and Sholay saw Sanjeev essaying the role of Jaya’s father-in-law. One thing
common in all these films is the honesty, passion and intensity with which
these brilliant actors essayed their roles irrespective of how they were cast
alongside each other. They don’t make such actors any more.

Jackie Shroff –
Madhuri Dixit: 
Although the only actor who comes to mind when we say
Madhuri Dixit is Anil Kapoor and thankfully they both haven’t played each
other’s brother-sister in any film, Jackie Shroff too has romanced this
gorgeous actress in a few films. The one that obviously and naturally comes to the
mind first is Khalnayak that saw Madhuri romancing Jackie ‘Bhidu’ Shroff.
However, films like Parinda and Ram Lakhan even saw her playing Jaggu Dada’s
sister-in-law and no points for guessing who got to romance this beautiful
Marathi mulgi in those films! Yes… Anil Kapoor, who every other hero back then
used to envy for obvious reasons. 

Anil Kapoor –
Dimple Kapadia: 
How can we forget the oh-so-sensuous, sexy and sizzling
chemistry between Anil Kapoor and Dimple Kapadia in Jaanbaaz? Whoever has seen
the film will vouch for the fact that after Madhuri Dixit, if there was one
heroine who Anil Kapoor looked fabulous with on screen then that has to be
Dimple Kapadia. The two had set the silver screen ablaze and how! Director
Feroz Khan had captured their charm and charisma in the most fabulous way
possible. However, the actors were even seen playing non-romantic roles in Ram
. This Subhash Ghai directorial saw Dimple being paired opposite Jackie
Shroff who played Anil Kapoor’s elder brother and hence, Dimple ended up being
Anil’s bhabhi (sister-in-law). But the cute chemistry they both portrayed in
the film was absolutely adorable and is still considered as one of the best
on-screen devar-bhabhi jodis of Bollywood.

Shah Rukh Khan- Aishwarya Rai Bachchan: Shah Rukh and Aishwarya were first seen together in the film Josh. They played twins and their relationship as orphaned siblings was portrayed very well in the film. In the same year, they played each other’s love interests in the film Mohabattein. The film received mixed reviews but their jodi was loved by all. They were later seen together in Devdas and played the iconic characters of ‘Paro’ and ‘Devdas’.Their chemistry was brilliant and they received a lot of praise for their roles in the film. 

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