Priyanka Chopra: I always like to win

The Bollywood star says that she always knew that she would be a winner


Priyanka Chopra is making millions of her fans proud with her impeccable act in American TV series, Quantico, and the actress has been garnering a lot of admiration, applause and accolades for the same from the American audience as well.‎

We all know how professional, ambitious and focused Priyanka Chopra has been since the day she made her debut as an actor. And now, PeeCee too spills the beans on how she was super confident that she will be a winner, no matter which profession she took up.

In a recent interview, the former Miss World said she has always been an achiever, “Since childhood, I’ve always been someone who likes to win. I’ve put in my best in everything that I do. I’m an achiever. I’m someone who likes to be the best in whatever I do.“

Ask her how she manages to juggle so many balls at the same time and she smiles. But Pee Cee agrees that it does take a toll on her health. “I think, as women, we multi-task anyway, and do many things together well, at the same time. I won’t lie though; it definitely takes a toll on me. You don’t have the luxury of falling sick; you don’t have the luxury of taking time off. Now, I think I have the ability to otherwise, I wouldn’t do it. But I don’t deny that I have an interesting life.”

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