I don’t need to clarify. I am who I am : Shah Rukh Khan

The superstar hits out at social media trolls who have been spewing venom against him online. SRK says they don’t bother him much.


Shah Rukh Khan is one man who speaks his mind without mincing words. He loves to speak his heart out about issues he feels important enough to be spoken about and when he does that, he doesn’t weigh his words.However, SRK lands up in trouble more often than not for his fiery candidness.

Recently, in an interview to a channel, SRK said, “There is growing intolerance in India.” Unfortunately, the statement didn’t go down well with certain political parties and a member of a political party even called SRK ‘anti-national’ and remarked rhat his “soul lies in Pakistan”.

However, in a very recent interview, SRK cleared his stance saying, “It’s in my hand what I write on Twitter. There are days when I want to talk, sometimes I write very personal stuff. I don’t indulge in politics. I don’t make comments that can be misconstrued, though they still are, and I don’t clarify on Twitter. When I read a newspaper which has rumours, I don’t clarify it because that is the enigma. I don’t need to clarify, I am who I am.”

Shah Rukh further said, “I am not as good as people think I am and I am not as bad as sometimes people believe I could be. If people criticise you for your work, you don’t take it personally and if they criticise for your personal life, it’s none of their business. My rule is that I have never poked my nose in anybody’s business or personal life. So when I hear people say abusive things about me on Twitter, all I ask is if it’s some kind of achievement to be nameless and faceless and call others names and get away with it.

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