Live-in relationships a big no-no for Kangana

The actress, who is currently ruling Bollywood, says that she would always opt for marriage and never a live-in!


Kangana Ranaut comes across as the most modern, stylish and contemporary girl; however, the actress is as old-school as it can get, especially when it comes to the most popular concept among today’s youth, live-in relationships!

For those not in the know, Kangana was seen playing a girl who was in a live-in relationship with her boyfriend in her last release Katti Batti. However, in real life, Kangana is not at all comfortable with the idea of a live-in and would any day opt for marriage instead.

Kangana says that she has “burnt her fingers” in the past because she had opted for a live-in relationship.

In a recent interview to a magazine, Kangana said that she had been in a live-in relationship in the past when she had just come to Mumbai from Himachal and was struggling to make it big in B-town. The actress reveals that her experience of being in a live-in relationship was horrible. “For me the next level wouldn’t be a live-in; it would be marriage. I’ve burnt my fingers. I got into trouble with someone. I’d like to warn young girls out there… take your time to know the person. Discuss it with your parents. Just don’t move in with anyone unless you know the person, you should always know his past, his plans, his workplace… Or else, you can get into major problems.”

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