Kareena says, “The media loves to create issues out of everything.”

It’s a delight to watch Kareena Kapoor Khan on screen, irrespective of whether she plays the female lead or does a cameo. In fact her love of cameos (read item numbers) has been so prominent in the recent past that it wouldn’t be wrong to call her a Cameo Queen. However, what’s more adorable about Begum Bebo is her bindaas attitude with which she speaks. Check these quotes of Mrs. Khan to know how she loves to talk straight from her heart! 

“The couch at Saif’s office has more to contribute in Illuminati Films than I have. I have no involvement in his production house. I’ve no idea what they are doing and it’s really not my concern. I don’t interfere in Saif’s career at all, and vice versa.” 

“When I joined this industry, a lot of things were misinterpreted. There were a lot of things, which worked against me and were misunderstood. I had to speak for myself, so I stood by my gut feeling.”

“A lip-lock is something I am not comfortable doing right now, and I have no qualms in saying it! And even if it is a part of the script, I am not going to do that because I don’t see any reason why people need to show a lip-lock on screen.”

“I don’t think The Dirty Picture was an out-of-the-box kind of a movie. It doesn’t really make a difference in India. All the 100-crore films in India don’t really have sex-scenes or lip-locks.”

“Intimate scenes are fine. In fact, Saif has never said a word. Actually, the only thing he had told me is, ‘When I watch your film, don’t make me cringe! Do what you like.’ We never question each other. “

“Ranbir and I are not really that close. We don’t really talk much. I am only close to my father, my mother and my sister in my family. I am not a family-oriented girl.”

“The media loves to create issues out of everything. When Kareena does something, Twitter, Facebook and TV channels go ballistic, but when somebody else does the same thing, nobody writes about it. I have become immune. I guess, unless they drag my name, their stories don’t get printed.”

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