“I can never be friends with Prakash Jha.” says Manoj Bajpayee

If you thought the
actor impresses only on screen, think again! He is a journalist’s delight and
these quotes are testimony to that!

Manoj Bajpayee is known to own, light up and
steal every scene he appears in, on screen, irrespective of whether he works
with his seniors, colleagues or juniors. No wonder, he is known to surprise his
fans with every film and performance of his. And this supremely talented actor
also knows how to speak his mind and heart out. Take a look at some of his
candid quotes that prove Manoj doesn’t mind calling a spade, a spade!


“If I have a problem with my filmmakers, I will talk to
them. Why should I talk to a newspaper or a TV channel or a magazine and create
issue out of nothing? I don’t owe any explanation to the media!”

“I never do a film keeping a producer or a production
banner in mind. The only time I did a film for a producer was when I did Veer
Zaara for Yash Chopra ji because I couldn’t say no to him.”

“If filmmakers and actors keep their professional
associations separate from their personal ones then their associations can grow
stronger with time. I would not do a film with anybody just because I am
friends with him.”

“Filmmaking is serious business unlike what outsiders
think about it. Every day, there are crores of rupees spent on making films.
You cannot afford to have somebody who doesn’t know his job well.”

“I can never be friends with Prakash Jha. People mistake
me as his friend, but he is way too senior to me and I have a lot of respect
for him.”

“You either pay me what I deserve or don’t offer me a
role at all. I am sick of doing roles for free or less money just because they
offer me a good role.”

“If filmmakers think that by offering me good roles they
don’t need to pay me well then that is unacceptable! It’s really amusing when
filmmakers know my caliber but still want me to work for free.”

“If Ram Gopal Verma offers me a good role then I would do
it for free because whatever I am and whatever I have achieved is because of
him. But that’s not the case with Prakash Jha.”

“People in our industry are ruthless and harsh and they
love to disown and thrash anybody who’s not doing well. Bollywood is the most opportunistic
industry we live in.”

“When I wasn’t doing well a few years ago, I saw
photographers and still and TV cameras turning their backs and running away
from me. I have seen miserable times.”

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