‘If I play Anarkali, I would like Hrithik Roshan to play Salim; he would be perfect with me.’- Kangana Ranaut

Her success has been as impressive and
inspirational for her fans, as enviable it has been for her rivals. Her name in
the credit list of a film is a big enough crowd puller and for an actor who is
not even a decade old yet, to achieve such elephantine heights of stardom is truly
commendable! We bring you some of the frame-worthy quotes of the Queen of
Bollywood which will make you fall in love with her, all over again!

“I don’t think two actresses can’t be friends. I am friends
with a few actresses. They have to be my age. I cannot hang out with people who
are much older.”

Sanjay (Dutt) Sir and I never had a friendly equation. For
me, he has always been a co-actor. I’ve never spent too much time with him.
Neither did we have any buddy conversations because of the age gap.”


“If I play Anarkali, I would like Hrithik Roshan to play
Salim; he would be perfect with me.”


“If you see my success rate, it’s very different from any of
the heroines of the past. It will be one-of-a-kind. I am somebody who can carry
a film on her own.”

“I think this industry wants actresses to feel like
beautiful showpieces. So many girls get themselves injected with hormones and
botox just to achieve good looks.”

“I hate being in a relationship. It makes me feel under
pressure all the time. No matter who I am with, I cannot live up to the other
person’s expectations.”

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