Here are 5 nonsensical lyrics like ‘Chu Che’ from Singh is Bling that became chartbusters

While Dil kare chu
che song from Akshay Kumar-starrer Singh Is Bling is creating waves, we bring
you five such songs with bizarre lyrics that went on to become chartbusters.

‘Singh Is Bling’, directed by Prabhudheva and starring
Akshay Kumar once again as a Sardar is breaking records at the box office.
While the songs of the film might not

have become chartbusters, one
song from the film that has caught everybody’s eyeballs and ear buds is ‘Dil
kare chu che’. Shot at some colourful fields of Punjab and beautiful locations
of Goa, the song is as Punjabi in its flavor as it gets. The choreography too
is quite funny. We thought of walking down memory lane to bring you five
such songs that had words which made absolutely no meaning but some how they still went on to become super hit because of those very bizarre

Chinta ta chita
chita Chinta ta ta! – Rowdy Rathore

The first song that obviously comes to our mind is
interestingly from Rowdy Rathore which was also directed by Prabhudheva and had
Akshay Kumar in the lead. This high on energy song can still make you hit the
dance floors no even if you have two left feet. The lyrics perfectly
gelled with the character and the mood of the song. Shot at some real locations
of Mumbai, Chinta ta chita chita is still considered one of the best dance
numbers of our Khiladi Kumar.

Dhinka Chika –

When you have Salman Khan in a film, nothing else matters
– script, story, screenplay, dialogues, lyrics – everything is immaterial and
inconsequential. Ready too was one such film and the song, Dhinka chika from
the film is a testimony to the fact. Baarah mahine mein baarah tarike se tujhko
pyaar jataunga re! Initially, we questioned what the lyricist had been thinking while
penning this song? Later, we realized, he didn’t think at all. Mika didn’t
think while singing it and we weren’t surprised. He is known to sleepwalk
through all his songs and Salman Khan, along with Asin, danced as if there was
no tomorrow. Interestingly, not only the song, but even the choreography became
extremely popular and Bhaijaan ‘gifted’ yet another trademark step to Indian

Aa ante amlapuram
– Maximum

We are still trying to figure out what these words
actually mean… if at all they mean anything! Performed by Hazel Keech, this
chartbuster from Maximum had Sonu Sood dancing to the tunes of this
dhamakedaar song. Shot as an item number in this Naseeruddin Shah and Sonu Sood
starrer, the song was shot at the backdrop of a bar and the steps and
choreography are as raunchy as they could get. Nobody remembers when this film
released and when it was out of the theatres, but people do remember this song
for… you know what!

Pom pom pom pom
pom – Son of Sardaar

Didn’t we tell you that when you have Salman Khan in a
film, nothing else matters? Yes, this film had Ajay Devgn playing the lead role
of a Sardar, but for those not in the know, Salman did a cameo in this movie
and the song we are talking about also has Khan in abundance. Shot as a
promotional song that appears when the end credits roll, the song had Ajay,
Salman, Sanjay Dutt and Sonakshi Sinha dancing to these lyrics, which we feel,
must have compelled legendary lyricist Gulzar Saab to retire from Hindi cinema.
After all, what on earth would you expect a song with lyrics like Pom pom pom
pom pom do to a veteran writer? And what on earth do these words even mean?
Just another meaningless chartbuster?

Hawa Hawai – Mr. India

This is on of the most legendary and memorable songs of Bollywood. Who can forget Sridevi dancing to the tunes of Javed Akhtar’s lyrics and Kavita Krishnamurthy’s . When it released this song had people strumming their fingers and tapping their feet to it. And even today, this remains one of the most loved and well known songs, even by the new generation which is known to be in love with the west when it comes to music. But still, we are still wondering what “Chee Ho Ho Honolulu Lu Lu Lu Lu, Honolulu
Hing Bekei Hong Kong, King Kong
I Seenoosi, Yusiloosi, Hassi Tosi, Lassi Pissi
Mombasa, Ping Pong”

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