I Am Not A Misfit: Rohit Shetty

 rohit-shetty2He has some of the biggest blockbusters under his belt. When it comes to computing names of the most valuable directors in Bollywood today, he leads from the front. He is the only director. who’s synonymous with a certain brand of filmmaking. While the quality of cinema he’s associated with is a matter of heated debate, there’s no doubt that Rohit Shetty’s name spells ROI (return on investment). But it seems that the director still hs some dreams unfulfilled as he has turned a television reality show host of the new season of Khatron Ke Khiladi, taking over from previous hosts, actors Akshay Kumar and Priyanka Chopra.  Considering the new development, it seemed just right to catch up with the numero uno director of Bollywood today:

 On his debut as a television show host

Rohit Shetty with his pet dog, Facebook

Rohit Shetty with his ‘Golmaal’ dog, Facebook

“This is not the first time that a filmmaker is hosting as a television show- directors like Farhan Akhtar, Karan Johar, Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Anuraag Basu, Sajid Khan and Farah Khan have all done it before. I was excited when I was offered to host Khatron Ke Khiladi show as I love action. I have never attempted anything like this before, especially on television so I took it up. Akshay Kumar and Priyanka Chopra have already handled the show very well. They are big stars, but I am not a misfit either. I don’t want any controversies or fights on my show. I am planning to give a new colour and bring forth emotional stories attached to the contestants.”

 On putting up a disclaimer

rohitshetty-13“Action has always been in me and my son’s (seven-year-old son  Eshaan) DNA.  I have been trained in action by my father and action master Veeru Devgn.   But I am worried about children, who often try to ape the elders.  My son is trained in stunts (he can jump from heights and do somersaults), but I don’t want children to sprinkle petrol on a car and drive away.  I try to tell my son and his friends that when we perform stunts, we take a lot of precautions.  I don’t want to frighten him as elders often tend to do.  Most of the time, he keeps trying stunts, and I come to know it, when I reach home in the evenings.”

 His deepest fears

“You can overcome your fears with a lot of training. But I have fears too – and that’s losing my loved ones.”

Challenges of hosting a show

“Whether it’s films or television, life is full of challenges.  It’s just how hard you work. It won’t work if you take it for granted. I plan to give my show 200 per cent.”

 Singham 2 in process

Rohit Shetty with his 'Singham' hero Ajay Devgn

Rohit Shetty with his ‘Singham’ hero Ajay Devgn

“My designers are working on Singham 2 and are busy putting up sets in Mumbai.  We have a lot of action in the film, most of which will be shot on the streets of Mumbai.  The action is on a huge scale and we cannot waste time.  They will come to Cape Town for a few days.”

 No sequel to Chennai Express

“There are no plans of making Chennai Express 2 as  Shah Rukh Khan and myself are working on another project. We have already started working on the film. As of now, there are no plans for the sequel.”

 Made no money from Chennai Express

Rohit Shetty with Deepika Padukone while shooting Chennai Express

Rohit Shetty with Deepika Padukone while shooting Chennai Express

Chennai Express made Rs 300 crores and even my son thinks that his papa has made a lot of money and is not spending it (laughs).  But I have not made money from the film. There are a lot of people involved like the producers, UTV, Red Chillies, distributors and financiers who are part of the film, hence I would love to tell you all that  I have not made any money out of it.”

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