Is the movie worth your buck?

The Dhoom3 song that’s playing on my mind

By Madhu Jha

Aamir Khan in Dhoom 3
You know that thing must never be a hundred years old!
(Heavy drums start rolling…)
Dhoom धूम, so unlike Dhoom hai
Dhoom धूम, sirf Aamir ki hai
Dhoom धूम, is race mein Abhi kahan?
Dhoom धूम, actions se zyada emotions bhara…
Dhoom धूम, Katrina Britney ki copy lag rahi hai
Dhoom धूम, har chase bhi earlier Dhoom(s) ki copy lag rahi hai
Dhoom धूम, yeh India se Chicago ke cops bulana plot ki barbadi lag rahi hai
धूम mein acting Aamir ki as usual badhiya hai
धूम mein Kamli ko sirf gaano ke liye rakhi hai
धूम mein hulchul bas shuruat mein hi hai
धूम mein climax jabardasti ki khichi hai
Aaj tu bas dimaag bhula ke jhoom
धूम मचा ले.…
Dhoom धूम, Hollywood jaisa tech(nology) hai
Dhoom धूम, Hollywood jaisa locations (bhi) hai
Dhoom धूम, par Hollywood jaisa villain jaise badddie-pana nahi hai
Dhoom धूम, zara dark knight sa…
Dhoom धूम, zara Madagascar sa…
Dhoom धूम, kyu kia aisa?
धूम Abraham…
धूम Roshan…
धूम Oh! Ash!
धूम ho yeh dobaara
Aaja YRF se Aamir milake jhooooom…
धूम मचा ले.…
We rock it, we roll it,
Till a suspense unfolds, then
You ready to move the party to Hobbit!
Dhoom Machale, धूम मचा ले…
Dhoom Machale, धूम मचा ले.…
Dhoom Machale, धूम मचा ले.… Dhoom…
Kar le tu fikar ticket price ki
Dekh kaise aate hain yeh 200 crore club mein
Zindagi hai bas do pal ki
dekh kaise khareedte hain reviews note mein
Jee bhar ke dekh le Katrina ko, dekh le
Dhuan second half ki magic mein uda
Ek cutie hai chhupa…
Dhoom macha macha macha…
It’s time now for a big, big DHOOM !!!
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  1. Soumya – could you possible elaborate on Dhoom 3’s promotion tactics? Just caught a glimpse of your twitter feed, and I’d be very interested in a write up.


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