When Priyanka Chopra met Bryan Adams

By Shama Bhagat


Do you know who shot this photograph of Priyanka Chopra? Well, he is none other than the iconic Bryan Adams!

For those in the dark, Bryan Adams is also a well-known photographer and has launched a number of famous faces through his brand campaigns. Bryan has been fashion photographer for more than two decades now and has been a driving force behind numerous iconic ad campaigns for uber luxe brands.

guest post final logoWhen I met Priyanka, I asked her about meeting Bryan Adams and posing for him for the Guess campaign which has got a humongous traction in the US. Interestingly  the campaign is also a big hit among the brand’s consumers who perhaps have no idea what a Bollywood movie is.

When I asked Priyanka about Bryan, she gave me a very interesting answer.

Describing him as humble and down-to-earth, she said: “He has a certain daal-chaawal (humble) quality of Indian men. Now we know each other well. It was fun working with him and we listened to a lot of Hindi songs while shooting for the campaign.”

The ad depicts Priyanka what she is in real life – a movie star. Explaining the campaign story-board, Priyanka says, “It was a candid depiction of the life of a movie star. I meet the man of my life, he showers me with compliments and then we go on a dinner date,” she adds.

The singer-actress reveals that Bryan’s knowledge of Hindi surprised her. “He’s a cool guy and can speak Hindi to some extent. He’s threatened me that he will pull me on stage once he comes to India to perform. He also gave me tips on singing and sang songs for me too,” the actress adds with a giggle.

Priyanka says that the best compliment she has received about the campaign is when a few people said that she reminded them of the legendary Hollywood actress Sophia Loren.

“She (Sophia Loren) was a beautiful woman and to be compared to her means the life to me. For me this is a big thing. These are occasions when I get to speak about my country outside my country. During these times I feel proud to be an Indian,” she states matter-of-factly.

The Guess advertising campaign with Pee Cee will run in the US market during Christmas. During this period, you will be able to spot  the ad in leading international magazines like Harper’s Bazaar, Paper, Nylon, ELLE, Marie Claire, WWD Collections, Hollywood Reporter and the WSJ Magazine.

Here are some more photographs from the campaign in a slideshow.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Short-link -> http://wp.me/p3x1zT-N3

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  1. Urggh… NOOOOOOOOOOOO. I liked the earlier look. It was so clear and concise. This makes it look like a wannabe celeb blog. Are you looking for some free and good wordpress templates? Check out semiologic and asteroid theme. But please change this back to normalcy!!!


  2. I love these black and white vintage and classic photos and look of Priyanka,at first I was a bit surprised,as I have never seen her in this way or presented like this,sort of a very European look or italian style dresses,settings and hair styles. She really looks lovely and very Italian in the pics,a very fine job well done,pretty excellent captures of moods and moments.


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