‘Mumbai was great to live in. But it’s best forgotten’

Here is a story of a character actor who’s been long forgotten. This is another example about how hundreds of character actors live when they step out of the limelight. What keeps them alive are the stories of the films that they have acted in. This is a great story done by a young talent called Swati Goel who mailed me her blog’s link. Good work, Swati!


I have recently shifted to Mumbai, a city I see as a limitless sea of stories – of dreams, failures, survival, success and devastation. However, before I was introduced to it in person, I saw it through the eyes of a man who boasts of five decades in it, who came a dreamy-eyed youth in his twenties to ‘Bombay’, lived the famed glitzy life of Hindi cinema, earned fame and built a fortune, but returned to his roots empty-handed and, worse, into the loneliness and hollow of an old age home.

He is Gurudarshan Singh Josan, a yesteryear actor who I met in Punjab during an assignment for Hindustan Times, and took a shine to him. I met him regularly in the months to come, helping him vent out his pent up emotions for, as he says, “lack of company to talk with is what kills me the most”.

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