An open letter from Nagma

(To Waheeda Rahman)

Dear Waheeda Ji,

You brought sunshine into my childhood, which I fondly remember and cherish every time I pass by the bungalow at Galaxy.

Ma’am, like millions of others, I applaud the honour – the first centenary award for ‘Indian film personality of the year’ at IFFI – that you have been bestowed with by our government in recognition of your achievements in Indian cinema.

I certainly look forward to seeing you again as I remember your fondness for me when we used to share the same premises in your erstwhile bungalow.

(To all others who are hoping to make the cut in Bollywood)


No individual is an island and that holds true in Bollywood too. Like any other profession there is room for one at the top, but the trick is to surround yourself with those who value you rather than whom you value. And if one understands this, then why just Bollywood? You can’t be lonely anywhere in the big, wide world.

Honestly, it is difficult to make it (in Bollywood) if you don’t have someone backing you, but then it is also important to have faith in yourself for somebody else to have faith in you.

Personally, I may have been among the few privileged to have got the backing of my family but at some level, I was backing myself too and that I believe, is the essence of being successful.

Movies are big businesses and like all other big businesses, a lot of money is required to succeed in this field too. So, I guess it is only right that at some point you need someone to back you. But at another level, that backing can only come if you have determination and simple, raw talent.

Life to me is compartmentalised – each compartment synchronises with the other like a train that effortlessly goes up and down the hill in peace.

It is entirely up to us how difficult or easy we want our lives to be. Therefore at times when my professional life eats into my personal life, I wade through the muddy waters because I take solace in spirituality. So I have best of all lives, be it personal or professional, which I lace with spiritual beliefs and faith in the creator.

Music also enriches one’s soul and I say this as a personal experience that I have been blessed under the tutelage of Pandit Paresh Jana, the classical vocalist.

I am still growing and enjoying every moment of it. Unfortunately, I have still not found a man who is able to keep pace with my growth!!!

Bollywood has always been larger than life, both on screen and through its people. The cost of maintaining one’s lifestyle in Bollywood is always going to be uppermost on one’s mind. But then again, look at the larger picture. India was never dotted with malls, super-malls and specialty health spas some years back. Today, we not only groom our lives around those larger-than-life buildings, but also groom ourselves for larger-than-life theme weddings. We do not think twice before opting for designer labels in lieu of our home-grown beautiful fabrics.

Basically it is not Bollywood but we have chosen our lives to be on a HIGH. There is nothing wrong with it and yet there can be nothing right with it.

The only condition is that we do not CRASHLAND after being on a high for the simple reason, ‘Sky’s the limit’.

Take care. Be good.


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  1. You’ll probably disallow this comment, but after Baghi, the most Nagma has influenced me has been through that item number with Sunil Shetty in that Priyadarshan movie. She was looking super hot in that!

    I have nothing more to say. Bollywood, and getting there, is a lot about luck. Look at Ranveer Singh, and compare him with that dude who was compared to SRK on his debut (My name is Anthony Gonsalves guy). Now if that dude had gotten a contract with yrf, his story could be different. That was a dude who came out of nowhere, and if he would have made it, it would be interesting. Nagma herself admits to her familial connections helping her get a head start, but that doesn’t count, does it? Especially since nowadays the budgets have skyrocketed, so people helping you from the outside is just rare. People with that kinda money don’t want their kids to get into Bollywood at all.

    Anyway, good luck to her, and everybody trying to make it in B-town. Lakh lakh roz aake, bas jaate hain…


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