Jiah Khan said she was murdered?

A close friend from London had called to deliver the ‘news’ about a fortnight back. But I found no reason to trust him because I don’t believe in ghosts or the soul of the departed coming back to communicate with us.

I have only seen those happening in the movies.

So, I rubbished his story.

But then the confirmation came from Jiah Khan’s mother Rabbiya Khan. She said that it was Jiah who ‘communicated’ through a medium (a London-based psychic) and apparently described in vivid detail how she was murdered.

This was one story that most of us have missed, but it’s no less interesting than the news that Rabbiya has petitioned the Bombay High Court seeking a CBI enquiry into the death of her daughter.

Before I go into the fascinating story, let me clarify that I won’t step into the domain whether the alleged crime has actually happened or who was responsible for it because that it is strictly in the realms of the court.

Here, we will only restrict ourselves to how Rabbiya came to know about the alleged ‘crime’ which she has declared to the public, herself.

The small details and the big story

jiah_khan-09The allegations that Rabbiya Khan made in her petition made one wonder on what basis was she able to reconstruct the alleged ‘crime’ in such minute details.

News reports that relied on the petition explained how the alleged crime was conducted as if one was there to witness the crime.

‘Who helped her piece together the chain of events?’ was the big question to me.

Rabbiya Khan says that it was her deceased daughter who helped her connect the dots!

Rabbiya tweeted that she went to a reputed psychic in London, who helped her get in touch with Jiah by acting as a ‘medium’.

This the first tweet where she reveals that she went to the psychic on Belgrave Road (which is near Hugh Street in London).

Rabbiya then goes on to tweet that Jiah communicated to her younger sister (Bebo) and described how she was strangulated. Jiah apparently told her that she didn’t commit suicide.

According to her mother, Jiah also said that the crime scene was dressed up to make the incident look like a suicide.

Here is another tweet where Rabbiya describes how Jiah was murdered.

 Just supernatural pointers?

Some skeptics might dismiss these developments saying that this might be a normal reaction out of acute shock from a mother who has recently lost her daughter.

But there is one more interesting development here.

The court documents that Rabbiya has filed has been endorsed by a professional. There have been several reports in the media about that plea which says that the wounds on her neck indicate that she was strangled with a belt. Grabs of CCTV footage have also been released to the media to prove that she was in a different attire minutes before her death and that she was not looking distraught or depressed even minutes before she allegedly committed suicide.

Law will take its own course and the truth will ultimately come out in the open. But I am sure those of you who believe that the dead can communicate, might want to consider this incident as proof.

Meanwhile, Sooraj Pancholi’s family has chosen not to comment on the developments.

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  1. I’m afraid I can’t take this seriously. Mumbai Police has a lot more on its hands than to go around on the word of a psychic! And lest we forget, there’s a note. As for the experts who proved the belt strangulation, you can get people to prove anything you want. Literally, the only thing that dude might have said would be that it’s a possibility, because for all you know a rope and a belt make the same kinda mark. I dunno, I’m just saying. I don’t think the courts should pursue this further.


    • Why can’t?? When it is said in forensic report that a human tissue was found in her nails….. Her mother has every right to pursue the case further even more years passes coz the truth can’t b hidden for long! Don’t believe the story of conversation between jiah’s spirit and her family.. but you should believe in the evidences in front of your eyes right!??


  2. After this should we be ridiculing the fact that the ASI was digging for gold on basis of one man’s dream ?

    Still I think the police should probe the murder angle, unless they had investigated, and ruled it out already

    If Rabiya does not trust the investigation, she should take appropriate legal route to force an investigation


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  4. Jiah I pray to god to make your. Soul peace and one thing I have to say that she might not killed her self because if she suside herself how wounds are marked on her neck


  5. I believe this.. coz rabiya initially blamed the relationship for her death but now she has got to know that few marks on her neck and other evidences that she didn’t commit suscide bt was been murdered by someone! The secret behind this case can not stay in a person for a long time.. the truth will always come out by any means!! I hope Jiah gets justice!!


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