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After some research, I was convinced about the fact that there is hardly anybody from Bollywood who has seen crimes against women as closely as Somy Ali.

There are lots of Bollywood actors who are vocal on violence against women but Somy Ali has taken it to another level. I still have a feeling that the traditional Indian press hasn’t given her the space she deserves.

Somy spearheads an NGO called No More Tears, which works relentlessly to rescue women who are victims of violence. Over the years, Somy and her team have rescued 360 women and 660 child victims till date.

Somy Ali is the only Bollywood actress, who is working full-time to rescue and rehabilitate victims of violence.

One of the most ardent supporters of her organisation, includes her former beau, Salman Khan who has publicly acknowledged that Somy inspired him to coin ‘Being Human’ which is now the name of his own NGO.

The actress-turned-activist’s office is based in Florida (USA) but her footprints are spread across the world. I just feel that her work deserves more media exposure.

I contacted Somy to seek her reactions on the ghastly gang rape that took place at the Shakti Mills Compound at Lower Parel in Mumbai two days back where a colleague of ours was raped brutally by five men. Somy didn’t mince words in her reply. But for somebody, who has seen violence against women from such close quarters, I will still say that the reaction was muted. May be she is angrier than all of us taken together.

“I will say as I have said numerous times before, there is not enough outrage and anger when a crime against a woman occurs in that part of the world,” was Somy’s first reaction.

Understandable. I also feel that we need to be more angry and more importantly, the outrage needs to last for more than the usual seven days before we move onto more important news, for example, if a Bollywood star actress has got a new haircut.

Somy also echoes the same sentiment and says that this initial outrage should not fizzle out.

“Once there is accountability and a significant outrage, crimes will inevitably plummet,” she adds.

The former actress also harps on the topic of corruption which is plaguing India.

“The weight of corruption within the elected officials and police officers drowns the victims’ (voices) furthermore. There is a great deal to be fixed within the system if we want the safety of our women and girls universally. With bribery and corruption being the foundation of many nations, crimes similar to these will continue to occur and many more lives will be damaged,” she says.

I cannot agree more. The day when a few thousand rupees will not be able to absolve a criminal of his crime, I will call myself an Indian.

Till then, I am very angry.

Till then, I am a very angry Indian.

Before I go, here is a short-film with a social message from Aditi Thakor and Yogender Kumar of Broken Box Filmz, Ahmedabad. This short-film, directed by Yogender, urges every concerned citizen of India to unite and fight back against social evils at the time of celebrating local festivals like Uttarayan.

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