Look towards Indian novellas

By Satyajit Raychaudhuri

There might be disagreements or it might stir up a hornets nest but I am going to put this out.

Fundamentally the writers, directors, producers and actors must feel the urge to contribute for the society in a greater way.

And it is in this context I feel that more movies should be made from Indian novellas.

As a matter of fact the new netizens and tech savvy geeks are devoid of this reading pleasure of age old literary classics across languages. Definitely this would be a welcome change in the movie scenarios.

Although some people would disagree on the marketability & saleability of my obnoxious cliched thought.

But again recent movies by the famed author like Chetan Bhagat do not justify the case. These movies have raked in profitability and moolah as well.

Logically we should have series of movies on a particular author and so on. Likewise it can cover various genres of films from detective stories to relationships to comic repertoires as well. Similarly it can cover some legendary figures as well.

For example movie of Netaji has a more poignant grammatical value than a movie of Silk Smitha.

Though it would seem a sexist comment but yes sex sells and it is this commercial value that is driving the nation in a different motivation. As a member of society this neither can be denied nor can be avoided with the open book of social platforms.

But it can definitely be challenged with a greater cause in a thought provoking way.


Author: Satyajit Raychaudhuri
Facebook ID: http://www.facebook.com/satyajitrc

The views expressed here are of the author’s own and not of BollywoodJournalist.com. Pictures have been procured from publicity materials and social networking forums that are open to the public.


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