Bollywood’s bonhomie with animals

By Atish Chowdhury


sidharth malhotra With Dog

The Bollywood’s muse of animals is not new; a number of examples can be given that how animal centric movies got well appreciated in Bollywood and page 3. Starting from the legendary Rajesh Khanna’s Haathi mera saathi to Chillar party, these kinds of films have certainly been able to draw a huge attention of audiences belonging to different genre.

Superstar Akshay Kumar is the latest actor to join the fray. His upcoming film Its Entertainment will have a dog as a vital character, which gets larger amount of screen presence through the film. As per the promos, the film is based on human-animal bonding. Recently The Trailer launch ceremony of the film was held and the occasion was graced by Smt. Maneka Gandhi (A renowned politician and an animal rights activist)

its entertainment1A couple of years back, Chillar Party became a talk of the town for the simple yet thoughtful content of the film. The film raised several important issues in regard to stray dogs’ presence in a society. This film was produced by Ronnie Screwala under the UTV motion pictures and Salman Khan being human productions. Chillar party has got higher critics ratings and the film was loved by children and animal lovers as well.

Bollywood has got many of its films in which the sole attraction remained to be an animal. In the film MAA– Starring Jitendra and Jaya Prada, dog had saved their little child many a time in the movie. Similarly the role played by kabootar (pigeon) in the film “Maine pyaar kiyaa” is an unforgettable one. This pigeon was seen helping the couple (Bhagyashree and Salman Khan) being a messenger of love between them.

Last but not the least, how can any one misses the epic role that was played in Haathi Mera Saathi by Raamu- the elephant, throughout the film. Raamu shared a very unique relation with his master Rajesh Khanna and it was based on true love and friendship.

The climax in the film came when the elephant had to sacrifice his own life to bring peace into the life of his master and his estranged wife. Needless to say audiences had their eyes filled with tears when they came out of theatres on the very day this blockbuster film was released few decades back. Many more bollywood films can be cited in which animals have played very pivotal roles as per the need of the films.

The affection that is poured on animals by Bollywood celebs has taken a giant step forward in real life as well. The emergence of NGOs like PETA (people for ethical treatment to animals), CSE (Centre for science and environment), etc has come as a boon for those innocent creatures.

These days celebs are advocating for animals’ welfare in real life too. “Free Sunder” is one such campaign that has got higher attention from many celebs. Bollywood celebs such as Arjun Rampal, Diya Mirza, Preity Zinta, Akshay kumar and others have vociferously raised their voices to free sunder (A little Elephant) from his cruel owner. The matter is currently pending before the honorable Supreme Court.

The real good news is Bollywood’s bonhomie with the animals in real life too. Many celebs started adopting animals, care them, love them and they raise their voices in unequivocal term for the safety and welfare of these living beings as and whenever the situation demands them to do so.

Thank god, some people have at least come out in the open to help these innocent creatures. It will pave the long way for a peaceful co-existence of humans and animals together in a society as a whole. Not only celebs even larger chunk of common men and women should join hand for this noble initiative.


Author: Atish Home Chowdhury
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